Hospital LPN's, what states are you working in? - page 2

Here in NJ, no one wants to hire us! Looking to make a move soon, want to know where you are working. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   moodychick
    Hi! I work in an ER in Ohio; but, I've been here since 1972. Would not be able to get a job here now if just starting.
  2. by   Nurseali
    My hospital is trying to get rid of LPN's again. It all comes full circle about every 5 years. I work in an acute hemodialysis unit and have 20 years exp. I make 20.59 no benefits. (Northern Florida)
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Virginia has hospitals that hire LPNs.
  4. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Louisville KY
  5. by   Little Panda RN
    Hospitals in North Dakota hire LPN's but at a measly 13.37hr, depending on what city you live in.
  6. by   nursynurseRN
    I am an LVN working in a trauma hospital in Santa Ana California. The only reason I got the job there was that I was working as a unit secretary there and I asked my boss if she would hire me as an LVN when I graduated. I also got a friend of mine who was a LVN there too. HEres the catch, I promised that I would get my RN soon. I did post my resume at careerbuilder and monster, and got calls from other hospitals in LA> I know its hard to find, but there are jobs for LVN out there in hospitals. GOOD luck and keep trying.
  7. by   rlaurengirl22
    I live in Eastern Iowa and our area hospitals don't hire LPN's. Well, I guess the VA does, but's that it.

    It's LTC or clinics......
  8. by   AprylLPN
    i live in Middle Tennessee. The hospitals in the larger cities, such as Nashville do not hire LPN's. However, I work at a small rural hospital and have patients of all acuity. i am a new grad and have been there since Sept., when I took boards. But I would agree with other posters who say the money is better in LTC.