HELP new LPN positive drug test

  1. I really need some advice. I just graduated and passed my boards to become an LPN. I got a job at our local hospital and have been doing orientation for a month. I was called into the nurse managers office yesterday morning because my drug screen showed up positive for benzos. My contract was terminated and I was sent home immediately. I am crushed I used to have a prescription for Clonipine and at a party a month ago I took I took what I thought was Tylenol from someone but it turned out to be Valium. I received two negative random drug tests during school last year and I don't use. It was one mistake that is ruining my life.
    I need some advice on getting another job. The drug testing is no problem but I have no work experience except at the hospital. Do I put that on my resume? Do I tell the truth in and interview? Will it show up on my background test? How can I get another job? What if they call my former employer? HELP I don't know what to do????
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  3. by   texas_lvn
    Wow. First off, take a deep breath. Always tell the truth during the interview process, (placing the employment down,ect.) otherwise it will come back to bite you. If you are clean, then there is no reason to lie. Is the hospital going to turn you into the BON? If you believe in God, girl get on your knees and pray. Accidents happen and there are more understanding people out there in the world then you can believe. Hope all goes well.

    Edit to ask: How did you find out it was a valium? How long after the party was the drug test?
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  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just a cautionary note. No one here can offer legal advice, so if you need some, best to find an attorney who can help you here. That said, the above post is right-on. Always be honest in the interview process. It's almost a sure thing the truth will come out, and you will be in a worse place for lying, if you do.

    I wish you luck.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Always be sure to disclose all prescription drugs you might be taking before agreeing to take a drug test. The benzodiazepines, such as your prescription Klonopin, wouldn't have mattered if you had disclosed this information and a valid prescription prior to taking the drug test.

    I wouldn't worry about losing the job. My biggest worry would stem from whether your former boss plans to report you to your state's Board of Nursing for drug use.
  6. by   star707
    I am not getting reported to the BON and I am not positive it was Valium but someone at the party turns out has a script so thats what I am guessing it was. The party was 3 and a half weeks before the test. I also had a blood test taken a couple days later and it was negative. I wasn't impaired during work hours. There were no mistakes made or patients harmed. My attendance was perfect and I also worked over when asked. The normal policy for this hospital offers suspension with or without pay while doing rehab or some other assistive program. But I have only been working for 3 and half weeks as optional part-time so no the policy count for me.
  7. by   Larry77
    It seems very unlikely that if the only benzo you used was at a party 3 1/2 weeks before the drug screen that it would make you positive. According to some literature benzo's can stay in your urine for up to 3 or 4 weeks but this is when someone has been taking large doses (ie for alcohol w/d).

    I am wondering how someone could think that a valium tab was tylenol let alone a newly graduated nurse...yikes.

    My advice is to start over and stay away from any medication that is not prescribed you have earned a license with hard work and you don't want to lose it for mistakes in judgement.
  8. by   star707
    the cut off is 100 mine was 197 someone who take it all the time 800's so yes it is possible and when you've been drinking and your in a dark place it can be mistaken. I am going to stay away from stuff but a drug history or problem doesn't exist and no I am not in denial. It was a stupid mistake yes but does it really have to ruin my entire life.
  9. by   rjflyn
    Ok I am not a lawyer but the advice others have given you to get one is correct.


    Also as been a travel nurse in the last year I have had the opportunity to be drug tested for employement a total of 4 times. They typically dont ask you what medications one is taking when they collect your specimin. The two difference labs that were used in these instances didnt. Each and every time I was advised that if there is an issue ie something shows up the medical review officer- the one whos name is on your copy of the form will be in contact. As such I would be the first to know.

    With information provided by the original poster I personally would be very suspect of said drug test. No mention of MRO contact. No mention if the form asked for meds currently taken. Klonipine is a benzodiazapine so yes it would and should show up on a drug screen. Also without very expensive testing- which rarely is done for pre-employment as far as I know, they wouldn't know one benzo from the next on a screen.

    As far as the BON most states it is mandatory that a positive drug test be reported to them.


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  10. by   rehab nurse
    to the OP,

    when i was a new nurse, i had never passed valium, so i was unfamiliar with what i looked like.
    no, i didn't ever pass valium in my clinical rotations.
    doesn't make you a bad nurse.
    i had a friend how (bad, bad habit) carried around a whole lotta pills in one of her prescription bottles. one of the girls at work asked for a motrin since she was having cramps. she popped out what was thought to be a motrin. i forget what med it was, but this goes to show you that A) never accept meds from someone who has ALL theirs in one bottle, and B) if someone gives you something, make sure you see it in a well-lit area so you can see it.
    now, i used to pass out generic Valium in my last job like it was candy. it did look almost identical to our regular strength acetaminophen. of course, the valium was yellow, and the acetaminophen white, but it would be very easy to mistake the two by shape and score in a darker area.

    if your employer isn't reporting you to the BON, just thank God, and go find another employer. Being reported to the BON is far worse than having to look for another job.
    I wish you good luck in your future.
  11. by   ahknee
    I believe your story to be fabricated, which in and of itself is sad. Bezo's can be explained, but your stoopidity can not. Taking a medication from someone without knowing what it is? Are you a drug addict? Self medicator? I for one am happy if you no longer have a license. You would not be a good asset for the field of nursing. Try Rehab, to check in that is, not to work!
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from ahknee
    i believe your story to be fabricated, which in and of itself is sad. bezo's can be explained, but your stoopidity can not. taking a medication from someone without knowing what it is? are you a drug addict? self medicator? i for one am happy if you no longer have a license. you would not be a good asset for the field of nursing. try rehab, to check in that is, not to work!
    whether the story was fabricated or not, please keep in mind that she posted it four years ago (back in 2006). it makes no sense to scold someone and be judgmental when the person has not visited these forums in a really long time.
  13. by   CT Pixie
    I know this post is from 2006, but first thought the hell does a nurse take a valium and think its a tylenol?? Even if you have never seen a valium pill before, I'm sure the poster had seen hundreds if not thousands of tylenols. The two do NOT look a like at all! The only resembelance is the shape..which is round. I've never seen a scored tylenol (generic or not)

    Brand name usually have a "V" cut into the center of the pill (that might have changed as I have not seen a brand name Valium in a long, long time) and are of different colors depending on the strength, and generics, although have no V, also can also be different colors (although not always). BUT the biggest difference between a tylenol (generic or not) and a valium or the generic is the SIZE. I've yet to see a valium the size of a tylenol. Hand me a white diazepam and tell me its a tylenol..I know just by the size of it, and the scoring of the pill is another dead give away that its definatly NOT tylenol.
  14. by   liberty_bell
    ^^ I agree, as if people with valium are giving it to people at parities. C'mon now. And as an LVN the poster should know the difference in how they look. Funny story though fake as hell.