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Good i got your attention. Tonight i made a call to a friend of mine, after not keeping in contact for a few months, due to me being busy with school. Anyways after chit chatting for a few i... Read More

  1. by   bethin
    And you call this person a friend??? I would never speak to her again.

    Now, I'm only a CNA, but I consider wiping someone's tush direct care, don't you? Or how about the LPN giving CPR? Is that direct care?

    I think she's confused about the role of nurses. And as far as making $80 an hour doing massages, they must be very good massages. I live in the midwest and 1/2 hour massages go for about $25. Plus, if you're working out of a salon, spa, etc you have to pay them a certain percentage for working there.

    Word of advice: try to avoid toxic people. They just bring you down.
  2. by   Keepstanding
    [font="comic sans ms"][s] that is no friend ![/s]
  3. by   KungFuFtr
    $80.00 an hour being a MT...?
    I hope she realizes that she'll need to wear a bikini (or whatever it is they wear at those places) and high heels.
    As far as becoming a therapeutic MT...
    You can at least give her advice on how to treat her arthritis.
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  4. by   candyLPN2Be
    thanks for your comments , i do plan to be an RN, that was my first choice i was in the program, i did all my pre req but the waiting list was soo long i decided to do LPN to RN track i start RN program sept.the sky is the limit for me

    i take my lpn boards next month , wish me luck guys
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  5. by   nursemama2be
    definately not a friend...

    i am a unit secretary and i know like she should that we see the RN's and RPN's around doing waaaaay more patient care than the docs.. the docs come around for maybe an hour a day... hell even they rely on our nurses for info always asking their opinions on pt care...

    Do what you are doing and keep striving for what you want.. she is just jealous
  6. by   miamigal27
    Your friend is DUMB!! Plain and simple. I'm haven't even been accepted to nursing school yet and I know the importance of a nurse which I give the upmost respect whether LPN or RN. A nurse is the most important professional in the healthcare industry, the hospital cannot run without a nurse. Your so called friend should see the hard work that nurses do everyday and for her to say that LPNs are not important makes her sound DUMB and IGNORANT!!! I would cut her loose immediately because she is eventually going to discourage you if you continue to surround yourself with her negativity.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from bethin
    Now, I'm only a CNA, but I consider wiping someone's tush direct care, don't you?
    Never state that you're 'only a CNA', since aides are very important to the healthcare team, too.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from RN34TX
    When I first graduated from LPN school and was still working as a CNA, a fellow CNA co-worker told me that she could never "settle" for being "just" an LPN and that she was determined to "someday" be an RN.

    I asked her "Then how is it that you've been able to settle for being a CNA for the past 12 years? You're older than I am and have been a CNA most of your working adult life, yet being an LPN would somehow not be good enough for you? I don't get it."

    Of course she blamed it all on the long waiting lists to get into RN programs, but I don't know too many people who supposedly have all of their prereq's finished and have been waiting for 12 years on a list to get into RN school.

    That was in 1997 and she's STILL a CNA today.
    It's a good thing she didn't waste her time becoming "just" an LPN. That would have been a really bad career move, now wouldn't it?
    I had a friend who is an RN that told me one of her CNAs told her that she would never take orders from an LPN. My friend told her "You are a take orders from EVERYBODY". Sounds like sour grapes to me, and not worth talking to ever again.