Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

  1. I have been a CNA for almost 10 years, I am currently on a waitlist for an LPN school. I was just wondering, does anyone here just want to be an LPN and not continue on to RN? It gets so irritating when people ASSUME you are going to get your RN! I'm always happy to say nope! LPN is my focus now, who is to say being an RN isn't in my future. But as of now I have no desire to become an RN. I work in a hospital side by side with nurses and don't get me wrong, I love my nurses, but do not desire to do all that they do. The money is great but the stress that I see my nurses endure is not healthy! Not to say it is this way of course with all nurses but it has become the norm. I think a lot of them get into it for the money and in return end up miserable.

    Not trying to put any RN's down as I very much love my nurses that I work with and respect what they do. I just get so tired of the assumption that I am "going for my RN after LPN" and that being an LPN isn't a career, and all the "you should just go straight to the RN program!!!" No thanks!

    Can anyone else relate???
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I planned to be an LVN, but got waitlisted for so long that I was able to complete my RN prerequisites and get into to the competitive entry RN program sooner.
    If you do become an RN someday, you'll still get those types of questions. People will just be asking when you plan to go back to school for your BSN or when you plan to become an NP. There's no escaping.
  4. by   UnbreakableOne
    Yeah that is so true! Good thing I'm confident in all I do, and never let someone's opinion dictate my future desires! Just good to hear from others that being an LPN is all they wanted to do, even if that's where you want to stop!
  5. by   MrNurseJohn
    I think that is fine. I'm a LPN and went back for my RN and realized that clinical nursing wasn't for me. I was only 3 classes away from getting my RN. People finally left me alone bc I now have Administrator license and a ton of marketing experience so going bc for RN now wouldn't help me as I am only doing non clinical roles and hire RNs and LPNs. I keep my license current as I am grateful for what I've learned and do think they give me an edge as an administrator but I have no interest in clinical nursing these days and having just an RN or LPN license will not get me where I am now. Once you work as an LPN for a bit, see if you like it. If you do, I would get my RN bc you'll make WAY more money in a clinical setting and have far more opportunities including management. Good Luck.
  6. by   Crystal-Wings
    I have no desire to be an RN. I don't want to work in a hospital and I don't want to do administration.
  7. by   Hmayse
    I have a desire to become an RN but right now it's just not going to happen, and that's OK. I am happy working in an office m-Friday 8am-5pm triaging patients over the phone. I have no desire to work holidays and weekends at this season of my life. To each his own.
  8. by   Meow278
    *Raises hand* I was a CNA and plan on getting my LPN very soon. A lot of my family and friends don't understand why I just don't go for my RN. Well I just want to be an LPN! That isn't wrong... I'm not looking to be a supervisor or to be in charge of other nurses. I think LPNs learn the skill set that I am comfortable with, and in my opinion, all I need. I will perfectly be happy as an LPN. Nursing isn't about the pay, it's about what you do! If I was going into this for the money, why on earth would I choose nursing? The beauty of nursing is if we decide to be RNs in the future the option is always there. YOU DO YOU! (: