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  1. saydee77

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    I went from CNA to CMA to ACMA to LPN and I feel comfortable with my position. I like what I do. Even though I'm offered help with school to become a RN I have no desire to become one. LPNs are very knowledgeable and do what most RNs do.
  2. So who has worked while studying to become a LPN .
  3. saydee77

    Platt College LPN Program Moore Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    so I just took the HESI and it is the easiest test I have taken in a long time, it felt like I was taking a compass test, I passed my first time. I did do the online practice exam a few times, I plan on going to Platt College in Moore OKC, im not paying for it so im not worried about the cost . hope everything goes well.