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saydee77 LPN

Skilled/long term/hemodialysis
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saydee77 has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Skilled/long term/hemodialysis.

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  1. saydee77

    Covid 19 and its affects

    I'm more annoyed and angry when it comes to this virus. My employer won't provide any PPE and won't allow mask. As a non medical professional he says its not necessary, even though we do physicals on people who may be sick. People are acting like this virus is like the common cold. That angers me. Alot of people won't take serious precaution, they listen to alot of myths like the virus doesn't affect black people as I nurse I like to educate, and help people use caution and add certain measures to their daily living to decrease the chances of them becoming sick. That has just been so hard. I think when people panic they don't think, have reasoning skills or use much common sence.
  2. saydee77

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    Wow that RN is actually not a Thinker and doesnt know much about LPN roles. Since ive been a LPN I've had to make critical decisions that could help or hurt a person and ive helped RNs do their job. I think all nurses should start as CNAs then work their way up to differrnt levels to really be able to understand patient care. Ive worked in dialysis were RNs only know how to do paperwork and pull meds I could run circles around them (so to speak) in patient care. Experience is key to nursing.
  3. saydee77

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    That is wonderful i totally understand where your coming from! Very true some people are better in support positions.

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