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SHlpn50 has 15 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Sub Acute.

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  1. SHlpn50

    grateful but bummed

  2. SHlpn50

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    I’m happy being an LPN , with my experience I make as much as RNs, no desire for management,been there done that .
  3. SHlpn50

    Point Click Care

    PCC has a thing called the sand box, it’s all pretend and it’s to practice.
  4. SHlpn50

    Consent Agreement

    Any luck so far? Depending on the state you live in, agency work may fit you. Here in NJ there are literally 100s of daily openings, i’m block shifted for a month at a time. Many agencies would hire you , the smaller local ones. Come to NJ i’m sure you would find good paying work.
  5. SHlpn50

    "LPNs are glorified CNAs"

    When Ppl say stupid things like that , right away i ask them if they have ACLS PALS wound certified, i have them all. I’ve worked in ERs not here in NJ but in other states. Here in NJ LPNS can’t push most meds, hang blood products and pronounce. Other than that a well experienced LPN can run circles around some RNs, To make that statement worse , CNAs can make or break you, they (most) bust their *** , people who say that about LPNs are ignorant.
  6. SHlpn50

    Jobs for Nurses in RAMP

    What about insurance companies, attorneys, MDS maybe, luckily in NJ a lot of big pharmaceutical companies here , lots of clinical trials, just some ideas . My agency would hire you i’m sure. Any restrictions? Wish there was a way to message better here.
  7. SHlpn50

    grateful but bummed

    Ever thought of tele nursing for an insurance company? Many large law firms have nurses on board. If your restricted there are options Hope you made it through winter
  8. SHlpn50

    Experience with NC alternative program?

    Some states allow you to move but must remain on the orig states IP program. In my case NC is where my program is but i live in NJ. The only way i’m able to do that is my consent is a non disciplinary, i do the drug testing here in NJ. NC is one of the few states that has various levels of programs, from mine -1 year monitoring. with no restrictions. To inpatient. NC BON has been good to me so far , it could’ve been worse . Transferring in not sure how that works, every state is different. Best of luck !
  9. SHlpn50

    Going back to school while in monitoring

    your absolutely correct.
  10. SHlpn50

    Desperate for answers regarding IPN

    Well I was lucky my employer was very understanding. Only because it states non disciplinary. The daily check ins are easy they have an app so i can check in on my phone . I was called to give a sample last week and that process was really embarrassing. Being observed is bad enough but having to keep my shirt above. my navel and pants to knees, it really seemed degrading and I started to tear up , i’m not one to relieve myself in front of others but the lab guy is in nursing school and diverted my attention and reassured me. Maybe i made more of it than it was but nonetheless it was embarrassing. Hopefully i won’t have to drop too much. I work a double on the holiday and emailed the BON to let them know what should i do if i get selected. for something like that they will excuse the drop only on a holiday. If anyone else has experience with all this id love to hear from someone. Something like this i don’t talk to co workers or friends about.
  11. SHlpn50

    Desperate for answers regarding IPN

    I agree i explained to the BON and gave them all the information on my prescription , they say a drug test is not wrong. they are both the same class of drugs. when i was terminated the acting DON said not to worry the board won’t do anything, i never had a reason to be in the know about all of this . Now i am sadly. If i had money for a lawyer i would’ve retained one , but i’m not in NC now so it complicates things, It’s a bad dream well for a year , just looking for support from other nurses , or groups that i can contact . Something kind of odd. we were driven to the lab and on the way there the person stopped at Starbucks and got me a large mocha latte. she asked what i wanted . so at the lab on Thanksgiving i waited about 4 hours so i went to the bathroom about 5 times coffee does that to me. dunno it all seems odd. All my paperwork and stuff says non disciplinary and i have no restrictions. Don’t know what my employer will say next week.
  12. SHlpn50

    Desperate for answers regarding IPN

    Hello While in NC i worked for a week at LTC , it was Thanksgiving 2018. Suddenly every employee was taken off the floor and we were driven to an urgent care center for drug tests. This place had no DON and several bottles of Ativan went missing from the Omnicell. I was not worried i had no access to it and i have a prescription for Klonopin so what could happen? well a week later i got a call from the MRO i was told i was positive for Xanax and no Klonopin showed up. I’ve had to take Klonopin for many years and that is not even possible. i was absolutely floored. I was terminated and was told i’d be reported to the NC BON. i was in the process of moving back to NJ AT that time. Fast forward to now. I am being forced into NC IP program for one year. Non disciplinary consent order. I have 5 days to inform my employer, my doctor etc. Not sure if i’ll have a job after this. I have no restrictions on my license. Just daily check ins and random drug testing for one year and meetings weekly. Any advice on how to approach my employer? I feel alone and quite scared and humiliated. To be honest I still can’t figure out why Klonopin did not show up in my system it makes no sense, i guess it could be worse. If anyone has ideas on where to get support from other nurses please let me know . I’d really appreciate it. All of this is now public information so i don’t mind posting it.

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