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Good day one and all. Does your facility have a policy that limits the drugs that an LPN can give IV after attending an IV push class? I have polled several hospitals in our area and had a variety of answers. Our facility has about 15 drugs the LPN can push. Other hospitals let them push everything with a few exceptions. How do you do it?

Atleast 1 hospital also let the LPN hang blood...


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unfortunately we dont have LPN's at our hospital. i didnt think they were allowed to give any IV meds.


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ours are, after passing the IV course


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Please humor my stupidity lol. What is the big deal about a lpn administering iv drugs? I mean, I understand that you would probaly no wanting them administering diprivan (or other drugs such as that) without an MD or Anesthesiaologist nearby. Also, what is so hard about injecting something via iv into someone?



I don't see the big deal either, but I've never worked at a place that has allowed LPNs to give IV meds.

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To my understanding, the last I checked, LPN's could administer IV meds and piggyback meds but could not "push" IV meds. Another limitation was that LPN's could hang K+ if it was less than 10 meq per liter. Lpn's also could not mix IV bags but could reconstitite vials such as Rocephin. Also, LPN's could administer blood but could not be the first signature, only the second concurring signature and had to be oversseen by a MD or RN during the administration. Chemo IV was also an exclusion to the license. This was in RI and MA a few years ago. Also, the veterans administration system. Hope this helps, but each state and institution will have a different policy.


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I am an LPN I orignally started my nursing in Virginia. I could do all I pushes in that facility. I could hang blood. I also could do dialysis We did exactly as the RN once we were IV certified. In Florida LPN's can't do much. Its like you are not even a nurse just a tech. In Virginia I could also take c-lines, and picc lines out I could insert porta cath huber needles. I sure wish I was an RN now that I live in Fl:rolleyes:


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In PA, by license LPN can not hang blood or push meds. Some facilities further restrict LPN's invlovment with IV meds.


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I would like to see the policy EXPANDED. I was just not ready for the wide range of responses from facilites within our neck of the woods. As long as the LPN demonstrates competency, they should be allowed to push the majority of drugs on our formulary.


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What is the difference between an IV Push and having a drug administered via IV?



Here in California, LV/PNs can't push IV drugs. But, if you can then you must treat them the same way you do any drug you give. You need to know the actions, expected reactions, side effects, interactions, contrindications, dosing, and way to mix and give the IVP drug you're giving.

Be careful out there.


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lpns are not allowed to do iv pushes where i am from.

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