Relocating to New Orleans from Florida

  1. Hello everyone! I am an RN from Jacksonville, FL. I graduated in December of 2007 and have been working since February. I have decided to move to New Orleans in the next couple of months.

    I have an interview with Ochsner and Tulane both on Monday. I am soo excited about moving to a new city. I have always loved New Orleans.

    I still need to get my license for Louisiana and am sort of confused about that. I don't know whether I should go ahead and apply for my temporary license or try to get my Florida one endorsed. I was told that to get it endorsed I had to have a permanent Louisiana address, which I dont have yet.

    Anyway, I am doing this all myself, so I probably need some advice on choosing a hospital, housing, starting a new nursing job...and everything.

    Basically, I just need some moral support and need to know that others out there have been through the same things.

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  3. by   linemen30
    Hi there, I am attempting to re-locate as well from FLA back to Baton Rouge area. I remember getting my LA nursing license in the past was not that big of a deal. Oschner and Tulane are both great as far as I can remember. Good Luck to you. I am lokking for a CRNA position which is not looking to good in LA right now.
  4. by   jmp22
    I'm a LPN, living in fl, originally from NO , I am going back, getting married. Tulane
    and Oschner both great facilities, Oschner is a magnet hospital with multi campuses,great enviorment. Certain areas of NO are safer than others at this time.
    If I can be of further help with info,Please pm me
  5. by   Ms. Mad
    I filled out the application for endorsement (NY going to LA) and am anxiously waiting. I did not apply for a temporary permit because that requires a LA address. I won't have an LA address until I work there as an RN, going to work at Tulane ASAP and they offer an apartment as part of the relocation package. All this waiting is making me nervous. Any advice?
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    welcome to all moving here newbies or road home we need good nurses
    and you will all love it here
  7. by   sleepyRN2
    i just finished my first semester of the adn program here in california. i know i still have a long way to go, 1.5 years more; however, i've been wanting to move to new orleans, fell in-love with the city after visiting it many years back. any way, my question is how does one commit to a transition from california to louisiana, is there reciprocity between the two states. would luv to hear your comments. thanks. m
  8. by   sissiesmama
    Hello to all posters moving to Louisiana - Glad to hear we will be gaining some great members! My hubbie and I are both RN's in northeast Louisiana. Please feel free to email or pm me if I can do anything.

    Anne, RNC
  9. by   kaffenoir
    Quote from ilovemypuppies
    Hello to all posters moving to Louisiana - Glad to hear we will be gaining some great members! My hubbie and I are both RN's in northeast Louisiana. Please feel free to email or pm me if I can do anything.

    Anne, RNC
    I am a RN and my husband works for the airlines, we may be relocating to N.O. I was wondering what area would be a nice safe are to live, and one that is not too far from the airport? He doesn't mind driving 20-30 mins. We have no kids and would like a trendy professional area. We would like a condo or loft type home. I am an E.R. nurse & I do dialysis as well. Any suggestions would be great, and also how expensive is rent or mortgage in these areas? If possible we would like to be away from the areas hit frequently by hurricanes.
    Thanks in advance,
  10. by   dsoginer
    Your best bet would be the areas of Mandeville and Covington which are (as we say) "above the lake" meaning above Lake Ponchartrain. They are bedroom communities, mostly upper middle class, and fairly safe. It would be a longer commute to the airport but would get you futher away from the ravages of hurricanes.

    There are some nice hospitals in that area that pay equivalent to those in NO. There are several suburbs of NO such as Metarie and Kenner (were the airport is) but anything on the south shore of the Lake is subject to flooding and full hurricane winds.

    Something that many people forget is that before Katrina it had been 1964 since a strong hurricane hit this area. 40 years. This last hurricane season may have been the last of the bad ones, which is how we think down here or we would have to move on.

    Call a real estate agent and they will help you find an area you like.

    Rent in the city of NO runs from 1000.00 to 2000.00 for an apartment or condo or home. In the suburbs it is lower. A nice one bedroom would run about 600 to 800. I live uptown which is an area surrounded by hospitals, and in the center of all that is historic and desirable about NO. it is the university area near Audubon park but it is expensive and a higher crime area than the suburbs. It is a tradeoff. Depends upon what you want. Come visit and look around then decide. Also will give you an idea of prices of residences in the areas of NO.

    Good luck
  11. by   writernurse
    This is my first time posting, so sorry it's to complain, but I find myself in the same dilemma as some of you. I actually have a job lined up at Touro (I'm really excited about), but getting my temp license in LA is proving more difficult than I thought it would be. Since I have no residence in LA I may not be able to make my Dec 1 start date for orientation.
  12. by   sleepyRN2
    one more year of nursing school for me. i already began my countdown this month. if all goes well, barring personal issues with a specific nursing professor then things should go smoothly for me. arrgggh. this move is going to be new orleans or bust for me. i have been prepping myself for a while now, just unable to wait to start anew. i have been excited on being on my own, once again. yeay!!!!