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  1. dsoginer

    The "bully" nurse

    Wanted to let everyone know that I had to quit this job the stress was not worth it. I now work in another mental health hospital the difference is day and night. Everyone is helpful, the techs know and do their jobs. No bullies; the DON is wonderful, she will call each floor everyday in the am and pm and ask if we need anything. Also to the nurse who talked of "Karma" unfortunately it did come to get him. They put a young girl in for a drug overdose, to bed and did not check on her. She was blue when someone remembered to check. They did CPR for 2 hrs brought her back twice, but ultimately she lost the battle. So sorry it took this, but I hope something good came out of it and changes were made.
  2. dsoginer

    home based triage pay???

    Simply hired and Indeed are two job warehouses that probably have every RN postion posted in the US try it but please don't blame people for not putting their companies on here. The could get fired for that, especially if they give inside info such as salaries
  3. dsoginer

    How do I find a telephone triage job?

    Simply hired or Indeed has a listing of almost every RN position in the states
  4. dsoginer

    The "bully" nurse

    I need everyone's wisdom. I took a job at a behavioral unit 2 yrs ago. First we have an absent NM. He tells us to "fight it out" if we have a problem with a staff member. He hires his friends and one of the big, burly male nurses is his best friend. This nurse and his "now nurse for 2 wks but a tech before" girlfriend run the unit at night. They bully, yell and tell nurses what to do. I got into it with his girlfriend when she was a tech for telling me how to nurse. That did it, the big male nurse decided I was the enemy and has spent the last year making my job hell. I finally reported it to HR but all of the nurses and techs are afraid of him so no one backed me up, or maybe they did and the NM won't admit it. The girlfriend told several people, several times that she would have me fired when she became a nurse. Want you to understand I am one hell of a good nurse, however for the last two weeks she has been submitting to the NM any paperwork she thinks I have made mistakes on. One was justifiable. I have to argue with the NM over each accusation and the stress is overpowering. I am going to have to quit a job that I am so good at and love because of this. Any suggestions?
  5. dsoginer

    how to become a SANE

    I am taking an online course out of Georgia required by my state. Then I will take 15 hrs of classroom over two days. My question is how do I get the 45 clinical hours required for certification?
  6. dsoginer

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    If you look up the word "expert" or "expertise" you will find that studies consider someone an expert after 10 YEARS or 10,000 hrs at their field. I read in a Nursing Journal that you become comfortable at nursing around 2 yrs. I am at that point. I know when a pt is in distress, I know what to do about it, but still have much to learn. Those two years were hard. I thought about quitting, made mistakes, got on the wrong side of doctors (always the difficult ones), was the brunt of comments on my ability as a nurse etc. I have met or heard about nurses that have made mistakes that have killed patients. Always double check your meds especially if you are not totally positive that the dose is correct. I have gone to another nurse many times and asked, "Here are the figures, please check if they are correct." (never ask without figuring it out yourself first." Keep a "brain sheet" for each pt. (There are links on this website for the best brain sheets on all disciplines) When a pt requests something or you see an intervention that needs to be done, WRITE it down. Fill the sheet out with titration rates, drip rates, doctor's orders, dosage, allergies, all that good nursing info. Then check it every hour. Keep your charting short and to the point right now. No one wants to read a nurses opinion anyway. Good luck, never thought I would make it but I have and you will also
  7. dsoginer

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    You have brought up a subject that not many will bring up. ALL nurses have problems with SOME nursing assistants. It is like sharks with the new fish. If your boss is worth his/her salt they will handle the problem (and I bet it will not be a surprise to them) to keep you and take some of the stress off of you. At first it will get worse, backstabbing, talking about you, not backing you up when you need help. But don't stop. If ANYONE, a nurse, a doctor or a NA makes your job more difficult or dangerous then they are wrong and the situation needs to be addressed. Eventually they will realize that it is unhealthy to pick on you and will move on to the next new nurse. You have a license to protect, they do not. I love to say, "It's my license, I have the school loans, and you will do what I ask of you. I can do your job, you cannot do mine. If you have a problem with that then talk to our boss, otherwise just do what you were hired to do." You are not their friend. They are taught in school that the RN will delegate jobs to them. I see nurses all the time trying to make friends by enabling those bad workers to not work. That is not doing anyone a favor; in the long run it will hurt the NA. And frankly, the nurses look foolish. You have a job to do that is vitally important, protect that job.
  8. dsoginer

    Charting Bloopers

    Had to add this one. Working in Well-baby, two residents were writing furiously in a chart and had checked a baby's diaper several times. They finally waved me over and said, "I don't want to alarm you but there is blood in this baby's diaper..." it was all I could do but laugh. In fact it took a minute or so to compose myself to explain uric acid crystals. I left them trying to figure out how to dispose of the charting they had just completed.
  9. dsoginer

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Degree Program at Tulane

    Please send me a private message with a personal email and I will send you the notes. D
  10. The best advice I can give you is to take the Hurst review before classes start. I had received this advice but since I had never heard of it AND our Pharm teacher's name was "Hurst", I assumed (never assume as a nurse) it was something she would do. Beep, wrong!! The Hurst review is a week long seminar, that teaches you how to take a nursing exam. It gives you rationals for why one answer is the most correct one (and believe me there are two answers to every question that will be correct), what to look for as important in a question and tips that will help you with your nursing. I am not affiliated with this program just a fan. You will have to take it before you take the NCLEX or you will statistically not pass. My suggestion is to take it before the class starts then for $50.00 more dollars you can go to their website and get help throughout the OLOL program. Then you can take it again at the end of the program before you take the NCLEX for no additional fee. Those who did this in my program made much better grades than everyone else. Of course, we did have some smart people in my class who did not need this (disclaimer, so don't write to me! ) Then pay attention in Med. Term. Let me know if there is anything else you need to know
  11. I graduated from this program in 2008. If you would send me a personal message I will send you the email of the person at OLOL/TUMC that will answer all your questions
  12. If you search for OLOL you will come up with so many threads on this program. I graduated in 2008 from the Tulane/OLOL program and went to work at West Jeff for the past year. I did not feel as prepared as I had hoped, however every nurse has to rely on their employers training program to learn to nurse. I have the pharm. notes but saw that another person has offered the notes from this years program on this site. It would be a good idea to study these notes. A lot of people flunk Pharm. Let me know if there are any questions you have not answered in the threads
  13. dsoginer

    Febrile Interventions

    As an RN and a mother; one of my children had a fever of 104.2 due to a virus. The ER personnel put her in a tub of ice and water. Her fever went to 108 and she quit breathing. I will never put a child into ice and water again.
  14. dsoginer

    Patients We All Know and Love

    Ms. Stupid or otherwise known as Ms. Munchausen by proxy: Cannot read and write, refuses to allow her child to be seen by female doctors; runs around in full course makeup with a crop top and hot pants (weight est: 200 lbs), and demands that her child's IV be changed (all of 6 hrs old, "I'm his mother and I know what he needs. I want it changed now!) then stands at the nurse's station and cries, "my baby, my poor baby." It is all about her and not her child. She tells us how to do our job, and tells the doctor, the radiologist and anyone else she comes into contact with, how to do theirs. When we got testy after the 20th room page to ask for a straw or a new phone (she broke 3), she demands, "I want to talk to the owner of the hospital!"
  15. dsoginer

    Is Healthcare Still a Promising Field?

    There was a time after Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans, LA needed nurses. We now have a glut and I really feel bad for those new nurses that cannot find a job in NO. Just two years ago, some hospitals were offering big sign on bonuses but now we have more nurses then we have jobs. In a few years Charity Hospital will be rebuilt or replaced (the debate is still on) and the LSU system will be finished adding on to the interim hospital and there will be jobs. Just a FYI to those who have "heard" that there are jobs in New Orleans; there are no jobs right now. However, in Lafayette and Monroe LA they are still begging for nurses. Good luck:yeah::smiletea2: