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  1. dsoginer

    home based triage pay???

    Simply hired and Indeed are two job warehouses that probably have every RN postion posted in the US try it but please don't blame people for not putting their companies on here. The could get fired for that, especially if they give inside info such as salaries
  2. dsoginer

    How do I find a telephone triage job?

    Simply hired or Indeed has a listing of almost every RN position in the states
  3. dsoginer

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    If you look up the word "expert" or "expertise" you will find that studies consider someone an expert after 10 YEARS or 10,000 hrs at their field. I read in a Nursing Journal that you become comfortable at nursing around 2 yrs. I am at that point. I know when a pt is in distress, I know what to do about it, but still have much to learn. Those two years were hard. I thought about quitting, made mistakes, got on the wrong side of doctors (always the difficult ones), was the brunt of comments on my ability as a nurse etc. I have met or heard about nurses that have made mistakes that have killed patients. Always double check your meds especially if you are not totally positive that the dose is correct. I have gone to another nurse many times and asked, "Here are the figures, please check if they are correct." (never ask without figuring it out yourself first." Keep a "brain sheet" for each pt. (There are links on this website for the best brain sheets on all disciplines) When a pt requests something or you see an intervention that needs to be done, WRITE it down. Fill the sheet out with titration rates, drip rates, doctor's orders, dosage, allergies, all that good nursing info. Then check it every hour. Keep your charting short and to the point right now. No one wants to read a nurses opinion anyway. Good luck, never thought I would make it but I have and you will also
  4. dsoginer

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Degree Program at Tulane

    Tom send me a private message with your email address and I will send you the notes.
  5. dsoginer

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    Believe it or not ALL nurses had to learn how to nurse "on the job". I almost quit a few times. There are some things that just will take time. The last writer was right; at around 8=9 mths you start to feel like a nurse. Some of the more difficult medical talk starts to make sense and you quit feeling so stupid. Hang in there. Most importantly, ask questions, print your hospital's policy and procedure clinical instructions and learn them. It will come, promise.
  6. dsoginer

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I just finished my 5th month and reading your post just made me realize that I had quit laying awake somewhere this past month or two and worrying about what may happen the next day or next shift. How could I not notice that I have been sleeping and not mulling over the myriad of things that could go wrong? When did I stop worrying about those things that I did not know that could cause serious injury to a patient? It comes with time. Last week the one nasty nurse at work literally forgot a patient and did not give the child his meds (nothing that would pose a danger) and had the wrong rate running for a whole shift of IV fluids. Other nurses wanted me to write an event report, but nooo, I called her and she talked me into "fixing" things. She insisted she had given the meds but had forgotten to "save" in the computer. I did so after asking her could I get into trouble doing this. She assured me that I would not and quess what? This statistic showed up on me, not her. My head nurse sent me an email telling me that this nurse would talk with me about delayed medications! Needless to say she has not spoken to me about it. I sent this nurse an email asking how was it that this showed up as my mistake when she said that it would not and cc'd my head nurse. Now I wait for the shoe to fall. That kind of pettiness becomes what you worry about more than your competencies as you put in time. Ain't it a shame what we nurses do to each other?
  7. The worst incident I have dealt with changed my career path. In clinicals I could hear the homeless,double amputee that I was assigned to yelling for me. I went in the room and he had dug out his own impaction! It was everywhere and he was wiping his hands on the blankets. I threw up all over the place, so my poor teacher and fellow students had that to contend with also. I am now a Peds nurse.
  8. dsoginer

    Tulane OLOL program

    Just wanted all to know that Tulane declined to hire me after finishing the OLOL accelerated program at Tulane because, and I quote: "We feel that you will not be able to keep up." Blatant age discrimination, but my brother, an attorney, said I have to have damages. Guess that is why they just told me that so casually. If they only knew that I can surpass some of the younger students. So if you are over 40 you may want to consider this information when chosing where you go to school. It worked out wonderfully because I was able to get on with a better hospital at equivalent pay, better benefits and in the dept I wanted but frankly, how dare they.
  9. dsoginer

    Loan buyback/ starting pay

    Just got hired at West Jeff. #22.75 base, $4.00 for nights, $5.00 weekends, and they have a loan reimbursement program that even pays back for pre-reqs at up to $400.00 mth.
  10. dsoginer

    Mixed Messages about the job outlook in Louisiana

    I just graduated from a accelerated program in NO. I have been looking at jobs at certain hospitals but have found that there is a reluctance to hire new grads. However I know that some of my classmates have gotten on with hospitals other than Tulane(who sponsored our program and have a contract with us). BSN new grads seem to be more likely to be hired. Of course, if you do not mind working the Med-Surg floor any hospital will hire you. The pay is good, housing is expensive right now.
  11. dsoginer

    new Tulane/OLOL accelerated students

    I understand, these were concerns that I/we had when we first started the progrm. Yes it is hard, very hard. We started with 42 and graduated 23. The BR accelerated program has the same ratio. It is so hard to lose people during the year. Those who have had some type of medical job or studies do much better than those who don't. I have 2 degrees and graduated with honors but I flunked out the last class and I am taking it in BR. Some of it had to do with personal problems, some with burnout. If you live home with mom and do not have other commitments it is much easier, but again others with children passed. I think it is a matter of energy. I am older and just seemed to run out of energy no matter how ADD I normally am. Keep a sense of humor, and don't believe it when the teachers say "Just study the notes."
  12. dsoginer

    new Tulane/OLOL accelerated students

    I really don't think that I want to put my GPA out there for all to see. I am sure you understand that. Lets say that it was high enough for me to get into the program, although I understand that is not the major criteria for admission. As for studying all week; I am/was in the accelerated program which is quite different from the 2 yr. You have to study all of the time b/c you have to self-teach also. So unless you are willing to put all of your free time into this program don't do the accelerated. And that was an understatement.
  13. dsoginer

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Pharm Notes

    It is better not to put your personal email address on the web site. I did that when I first started on here and a more experienced person taught me how to send private messages. I will pass it on to you. click on my name on the blog and you will see the pull down menu with a link to private messages. I will send you the information this afternoon D:D
  14. dsoginer

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Degree Program at Tulane

    I will send you the notes, but there are a lot of them. Please send me a private message with a personal web address and I will get them to you, Donna
  15. dsoginer

    OLOL Accelerated Nursing Pharm Notes

    There are a lot of notes. The same teacher teaches at both the BR accel. program and the NO accel. program, so the notes should be the same. Send me a personal web address as a private message and I will send them to you Donna:banghead:
  16. dsoginer


    In our class this year, the local employment office was too late in applying for the grant so Tulane had to pick up the whole bill for OLOL in the Fall. In the Spring they just paid for half of the tuition. No one recieved mileage during the year. Perhaps your class will have this option as did the class before us. Good luck with school and feel free to ask any questions.D

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