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I wrote before about "back stabbing STNA......I was fired for "fighting with employee & creating hostile environment for resident"....I never did this but the resident (dementia well documented in her chart) present said I did & family threatened to call ODH if nothing was done. This facility is the worst I have EVER worked in but it was a job. I did the best I could do by all of my residents and tried to give the best possible care everyday despite other LPNs not doing their job.Admin made meguilty and I had NOWAY to prove otherwise.

Now I can not find a job (small town, nothing for miles) and I have been denied unemployment. I NEVER in 25 years have had ANY accusations against me and have always done the best I could for my residents no matter what the facility was like.

I am just getting so depressed about this. I need some advise on what I need to do or where to go for help.

I called an attorney but since this was "at will" employment in Ohio there is nothing to be done legally.

What are unemployed people supposed to do in this great state of Ohio ???


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Hi indiansfan-

First, you have the option and right to appeal the decision by the Dept. of Labor. The Dept. of Labor will schedule a hearing in which you, a rep. from the DOL, and a representative from your facility (usually the DON or ADON) will appear. If your facility was union; then your union

rep. should assist you on this. Should this be scheduled, or if you appeal on paper- you will need as much documentation as you can muster up. Hopefully you have a copy of all past performance evaluations- which would prove that you were competent, conscientious, etc.

If you have any friends who are nurses (RN/LPN) ask them if they would write a letter of reference for you. It would be especially helpful if they worked at this facility. (Unfortunately, most women will not stand behind their comrades, even when they know they were wrongfully dismissed- for fear of their own job- especially if they are governed by an unethical/insecure DON). Try to obtain some free counsel via attorneys who deal with labor issues/Dept. of Labor. Call the legal aid society for some free consultation as well.

Next, keep looking for employment at whatever areas are feasible for you to commute to or possibly relocate (if that is an option). You could state on the application when asked "reason for leaving" - unsafe work environment or management differences. By law, employers are only suppose to provide your beginning and ending date of employment. However, many employers ask- would you rehire this person? And, of course, if the answer

is no- then the potential employer may know there's a problem. Don't give up- there's always a solution- really. If you have 25 years of experience- this is to your benefit- there are plenty of potential employers out there who would rather hire an experienced nurse than go through 3- 6 months of training a new grad. The other side of that situation is of course, $- and sometimes employers would rather hire a new grad- for much less pay. Beyond that,

make sure you have an up-to-date resume, with references from the past who will provide

good references for you. Even letters or cards from patients/residents/families who wrote to thank you for your excellent service. etc. would also help your case (with the DOL). As a very last resort- if you have a disability, or could be considered a minority(race, religion,etc)-

you could claim discrimination (maybe it really is in your case?). Good Luck

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Claim discrimination?? Bad advice. Stand on your own without resorting to false claims. People in Massachusetts get unemployment even if they have a job so apparently the rules differ from state to state.


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I can notclaim anything except I did NOT do what the employer accused me of doing but I had no way of proving myself. In Ohio it is like you are taking the money out of someone's wallet. I can not see how this employer could even think of firing me, I had reported this STNA before & everyone knew what she was capable of but I get fired, too !!!!???? I just need a job & until I find one just not sure how to care for my 13yo & myself.


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Appeal the UIC decision.


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I am not sure how it works in your state, but file for unemployment- tell the truth- they will contact your previous employer and you may have a hearing about it. Go to the Department of Social Services to see if you qualify for some type of aid for food and essentials until you can get a job. You may have to resort to working at a market or retail or something until you can find something in nursing...but it is income for your child....

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I remember from a previous post that you have children and dont want to move, but I am sorry, in your case, I would move. It sounds like you got a bum deal, the place is not friendly, I would start fresh in another place, hopefully where jobs are plentiful- any suggestions out there?


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I have told my son we may have to move and I have been looking farther away.


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Here it in June now & that employer now says I was fired for misconduct. I contacted an attorney & he says nothing can be done because it was at-will employment. I have been fighting 8 weeks now for unemployment. The employer even denied me COBRA dental benefits.

I have applied to over 120 jobs, had 4 interviews but no job offers. The HR from where I was fired has kept in contact with me & told me she gave me excellent references to all who called.

I have applied to facilities, hospitals, home health, and any non-nursing I thought I could do but nothing. I have even been telling places that I am willing to relocate.

I am running out of time....my rent was due June1st (unable to pay), car payment due next week, and all JFS will due is give me food stamps & medical because child support is $300/month. I put ads online to sell some household items but nothing.

Does anyone have ANY SUGGESTIONS on what to do, I am getting really scared.


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Did you ever think that it is not you personally that is the reason you can not find a position BUT... because of the economy??? I used to place approx 3-4 ads per year on careerbuilder for nurses but, now I have my positions filled for the last 5 months and new applications coming in constantly for which there are no openings. It is not just here, it is all over that the census is down in nursing homes and hospitals and layoffs are occurring.

I'm sorry you are in the spot you are and hope that you can fine something real soon.


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I suppose but I have really been looking at everything.



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I sent you a pm....i have applied high and low...and one job offer( full time ) but up to now no go...no news.....all of my nurse friends just have one thing to say...." wish they can do something...."

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