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I graduated from a private high school in 1993 which is no longer around. I have a copy of my old high school transcript, but the nursing program will only take a "certified" copy. I have been through the usual routes, i.e. calling the school district, and was told that a bunch of paper records had been lost, and mine was one of them. I emailed Admissions for the nursing program and told them of my situation, even letting them know that I'm a current student at the college. I've got over 50 credits there, including my Paramedic. The Admissions lady emailed me back with one sentence. "We require a copy of your 'certified' transcripts. Anyone with any suggestions? Should I show up there in person and talk to a 'live' person? The only problem with that is that I'm afraid I'll say something...not so nice...if they tell me they can't help me. Thank you in advance.

I personally would make an appearance at the district's board of education with my copy of the transcript and tell them to figure it out but I was not going to leave until I have a certified copy of these transcripts. Sorry I hope you are able to figure it out!

Take a visit to the board of education and tell them they need to produce something. If anything, they at least need to provide you a signed letter on the school board's letterhead advising of the issue of the lost records, but they can certify that you are listed as a 1993 graduate of so-and-so high school. I can't believe you're going through this :( Let us know how it works out. That is so weird they would want your hs transcripts even though you have over 50 college credits THERE? Obviously they wouldn't have let you enroll in the college without your hs transcripts way back when. Ugh, red tape. :uhoh3:

Thank you for the advice. Talking to someone for the board of education will be hard since I live in Virginia and graduated HS in Alabama. Sending them an email and going in person to talk to the nursing school admissions person. Hopefully one of the two will come through for me.

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I can see a school losing transcripts from the 50s.. but in the 90s? This is definitely something that will take a little investigating and persistence on your part. The college isn't really at fault... anyone can fake a transcript.

At worst, you may have to take a GED test and move on... but I'd burn some phone lines up before taking that route.

Hope things get rectified. I had a similar situation. My school is still open but apparently some records from the 90's were lost. I know it seems like we've been living in the computer age for ever, but my school at the time was not fully computerized and a lot of paper records did not make it when they transferred to the computer. I had to contact the Board of Ed and got my transcripts from them.

Called the Alabama Department of Education. They very kindly informed me that they were sorry but would be unable to help me. Sigh, if I had known I was going to have to take the GED I could have skipped my high school years and partied:crying2:

And to think, your parents could have kept the money they paid for your tuition. My daughter attended a private high school. I'm going to warn her and advise her to get a couple of sealed copies of her transcripts as future insurance.

Did you have to have your transcript to get into your current school? Maybe they have a copy on file.

You can't be the only person this ever happened to. What about schools that are destroyed in natural disasters? There has to be some provision made for people in this situation, but I'm not surprised that the "entry level" staff just keep replaying the broken record.

Try going higher up the food chain.

Best wishes. :up:

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