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Hello everyone,

I plan to buy the book writting my linda charity that of of us posted.

do anyone knows the full name of the book and the edition?

I also want to know how good it is b4 i buy it, bc i have different types of nclex review books. if it is good i dont mind, i will buy it.



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Do a search here or on amazon.com. It has been posted here several times. Her last name is LaCharity.

i find it helpful during my review. it is easy to understand.

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it's called Prioritization, Delegation, and assignment. by LaCharity, Kumagai, and Bartz. I believe there is only one addition--my book doesn't indicate otherwise & I just bought it a few weeks ago. I take my NCLEX Monday, so I will let you know to what extent it helped. But so far, It has helped me review a lot of priority and delegation questions...which as you know, is a major part of the NCLEX =)

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edition..not addition...sorry =) I can't think/spell right..too much studying and stress!!:bluecry1:

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whenever you are searching for a book (for school/for leisure) and are unsure of the contents, always check a book store website (barnes and noble, amazon, books-a-million, etc.) for the correct title and the isbn number. always review a book before purchasing. what works for others may not necessarily work for you--so don't waste your money.

for the lacharity book about delegation, the complete title is: prioritization, delegation, and assignment : practice exercises for medical-surgical nursing. theisbn-13: 9780323044073. if you have a barnes & noble or other book store in your area, i would suggest you call them and ask if they have the book in stock (on their shelf). they will need the isbn number (to locate it in their computer system). if the store has the book in stock, ask them to hold it in your name. they will place the book at their/near their cash register for you. barnes and noble will hold a book for 3 (it may even be 5...) days then return it to the floor/shelf. review it and determine if the contents meet your expectation. if so, buy the book. if not, don't buy it.


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I just took the NCLEX this past Wednesday and it helped so much. Especially since the vast majority of my questions were priority/delegation. I felt confident knowing that I had prepared with PD&A. The questions in that book are pretty tough but you get lots of practice questions! Just be sure to review all the rationales whether you got the answer right/wrong several times before moving on ok?


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I have that book also and will be using it to study from for the boards. I am an LPN, the book says Excellent practice for the NCLEX-RN. Is this a good book for the LPN's to study from too?


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Great book...I stopped at Chapter 12, though....I have to go back to finish the rest.

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