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I have posted this message three times now I never see it anywhere or get a response - please help - if anyone knows about a systemic latex allergy please send me a message and I will tell you troubles and ask for advise - Thanks


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Your question is anything but clear. If you want to learn more about latex allergies, try a google search. If that is not what you want, then make your post more direct and specific.


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I think sjoe is right. Your question is very vague, Nana. What specifics are you looking to know more about?? S/sx, on and so forth......Google or Alta Vista is a good search engine for medical. is also an excellent search engine to try.

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I began work in a PACU/OR after leaving clinical nursing for seven years. On the firt day in the OR I began to itch mainly on the rt ankle - I thought it was the detergent in the scrubs - I was gien permission to take them home and wash them in my own detergent - I developed a runny nose and itchy eyes and the hives on my lower extremities began much worse p taking benedryl - one week later it spread to my chest, forarms, and face - I still went to work where I was seen by the ER doc who started me on prednisone - I seen the allergist the next day - and as it became much worse - heavy chest, hoarse voice and difficlty greathing I was admitted to the hospital for IV meds - BS went to 674! I was there for over a week not getting better and later went home. I was given work comp and began to get better - my legs are still discolored-willnot tan- and will not grow hair and have little sensation - I have a neg ANA abd biospy for vasculitis although the doc still felt it was vasculitis due to the latex exposure - the exposure is systemic not typical. I was seen last weej by a derm doc who stated he knew nothing about latex allergies and looked it up on the internet - he relesed me to work but not in a health care facility - it may be worse next time or even fatal. I itched when I visited my husband in the hospital due to his IV tubing! I do not know where to turn...I contacted an anttorney - but he has not been a huge help - tells you what you want to hear! Here I sit no job, money or insurance since they terminated my job at the hospital - Does anyone know about latex allergies or any suggestions on how to handle this? Please let me know asap! Thanks!


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I wish I could help you....

Maybe some consulting work for an insurance company? Telephone triage?

Doesn't sound like you're ever going to be able to work in a clinical enviroment.

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When they wondered if I had a latex allergy they drew my blood to check for an allergy? Did they do that?

Mine turned out to be a skin disorder.


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I noticed a few grammar errors in my message! Sorry - I mainly meant my allergy is topical (systemic from the masks and poppoingof the latex gloves) Any advice would be appreciated!

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Yes I had a positive RAST latex test. Does anyone know if the insurance company can help retrain me or settle enogh for education?

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Could you do case management? no latex there.


It seems like you might need to find another lawyer. I believe that if you have been working in healthcare and develop a latex's considered a workman's comp kind of thing. Also I believe that the hospital cannot terminate your employment....and that they would have to make accomodations for your problem by providing latex alternative gloves for you to use...etc.

I know I've seen some stuff on that before....I just can't remember where right now. If I find those sites I will post them for you.

In the meantime, you might want to do a general search on Latex Allergy on the interenet to see what all comes up. I think that's what I did. You also might want to check out the OSHA site and do a search for latex allergy there....

Sorry I can't be of more help at this time.....


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I too have a latex allergy, and I am only in nursing school. The clinical practice sites have to accomodate me by either providing me with non-latex gloves (vinyl or nitrile) or allowing me to bring my own since I am not employed by the site. It can be complicated at times, and all of my coworkers must be made aware of my allergy at all times so that they don't touch me with anything latex or pop off the gloves and send the proteins into the air. I had an anaphalactoid reaction, and I was told that the next time it would probably be anaphylaxis, so to avoid latex altogether. You can still practice as a nurse, you just have to be extremely careful. Many pts. are developing latex allergies also, so maybe your hospital can consider using more latex-free items. ONe LTC facility I was doing clinicals at was a latex-free facility! I hope this works out to the best for you. Good luck and best wishes.

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We have the "Anti-Latex Cart" for nurses that are highly allergic. It contains everything a nurse might need to wear or that might touch the skin, but it is 100% latex-free. That all got started when 1 nurse had a severe reaction, and petitioned for an alternative.

All they have to do is call Central Supply for the "100% nurses cart". It might be an idea to start something like this.

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