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hello All,

I'm coming here in hopes of getting some responses, opinions and just thoughts on Laboure College's nursing program. Or if you know of someone who recently attended Laboure and graduated. Unfortunately, all the comments on here are so old. :sorry:

I'm curious to know..

How is the program? academic-wise, clinical-wise and in general.. the school's atmosphere. Student/Teacher ratio etc..

Are students getting jobs post-graduation anywhere, not specifically hospitals?

I know it's an ADN program.. are students continuing to the BSN program there or elsewhere??


I'm trying to help a friend out who has been struggling to get into a program and was finally accepted there but with reading reviews on here, seems like a lot of students don't really have anything good to say about it. They've been around for so long, 120yrs, I thought that was a good sign.. but maybe not.

again.... if someone has attended/graduated or knows someone, please let me know.


much appreciated!!

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All I can say about the program from what I've read and what I've heard is that it is disorganized and overpriced for an ADN program. Again this is what I've gathered from other students and not my opinion or my experience with this school. I know this isn't much to go on, but I hope it helps


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Laboure is small but the nursing program is difficult. In order to start clinical you have to pass 2 nursing exams and one math competency exam in nursing 1000 which is your first clinical. The school neglects to tell you that at admission. If you dont pass you are out of nursing program.The nursing program is hard so be prepared to study a lot.I am currenly in the programand i like it.

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I am currently in the program and I like it. I have learned so much. It is good they make it hard because a nurse cannot be a slacker. Yes, the school is very expensive and sometimes slightly disorganized, but what school isn't? Just be prepared to study all the time. The time goes by very quickly. I only have two nursing classes left! Good luck!


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TREndzetta, I am an employee at Laboure College. I can tell you that having spoken to recent graduates who are now working as nurses, they are happy that the Laboure curriculum was so difficult because they were able to pass their boards and walked into their first jobs confident.

Laboure's admission standards are easier than some other competing nursing programs, and we do not have a nursing wait-list - we believe people who are passionate about becoming nurses should be given that opportunity. That being said, when you begin your courses, they are just as difficult as nursing programs at some of the more elite universities because when you leave here - you must be prepared. We offer remediation programs in nursing, tutoring and have an academic specialist on-site to make sure everyone has the support they need to make it through.

Good luck with everything!

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I attend, and passed my first semester of nursing class (nur 1000) this past semester. I'm on the fence, I like the curriculum but the school is extremely disorganized. They say one thing and do something else. So you have to be really flexible with your schedule. It's on a first come, first serve basis, even after we were guaranteed seats for the upcoming fall semester nur 1020 it is full. So its one of those programs you have to stay on top of.

They didn't accept anatomy and physiology or microbiology transfers up until now. They had a test you had to pay for that would test you out of the course so the credit could be accepted but my adviser suggested I don't take it. That it was a hard test and what if I didn't passed, so that scared me into just taking both A&p l and ll there. Come to find out now they're finally accepting science transfer credits.

I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone, just go the community college route save your money and future aggravation. I'm currently stuck there so I'm just going to stick it out.

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TREndzetta, That being said, when you begin your courses, they are just as difficult as nursing programs at some of the more elite universities because when you leave here - you must be prepared.

I hope the OP is aware that despite the claims that Laboure's classes are "just as difficult" as the "elite" universities and that students "must be prepared" the NCLEX pass rate is 10% below the state average and more than 10% below the national average.

Just because something is "just as difficult" does not make it "elite".


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It seems as though the reviews on this school are slightly better than last time I looked and they are making improvements. For those of you who already have a Bachelor's, have they followed through with allowing credits to transfer? I don't want to waste my time retaking bs undergrad courses.


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I have been accepted to this program and just want to know if it's legit. It seems to be too good to be true. The admissions process is so quick and I haven't seen any other nursing school like this.

Yes, the school and/or program is legit. The program has been around for over 122 years and they have been accredited with NLNAC/ACEN since 1960ish or 1970ish (?). Do your research and reach out to students in the program just so you can ease your curiosity. Congratulations on your acceptance.

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Yes. It is a legit program. My friend graduated 2 years ago. She did the pt program and really liked it. Congrats and good luck!


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Yes! they have accepted most of my credits, I'm just waiting on one other school that I attended to release my transcripts so I can add those classes as well.