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  1. TREndzetta

    I Got into Roxbury Community College!

  2. Fullefect1- Good luck with everything, I know you'll find an awesome job soon. Sabr&Shukr- Thanks for your replies.. And Good Luck in RN school! I have a question, how long did it take for you to hear back from RCC regarding if you've been selected. Application deadline for the Fall was 3/15. Not sure if they've sent out acceptance letters yet. Is there someone I can contact?? Did any of you keep in contact with someone specifically at RCC. DM me, whenever you get a chance. THX!
  3. TREndzetta

    Applications are IN!!

    Hello all! Just a quick question. What school year are you applying for. Is it Spring or Fall 2012? or is it 2013?? Thx!
  4. TREndzetta

    TEAS test vs TEAS prep test of ATI.com

    Hey Rooskenator, Just saw this thread, would you mind sending me the log in info as well. not sure if multiple ppl can use it, but i can PM u also!. Thx!
  5. Hey just checking in. not sure of how often you guys are checking this site anymore. But I wanted to know how everyone was liking the program so far! Good luck with everything!
  6. TREndzetta

    Sections break out for TEAS-V

    Im planning on taking the TEAS as well. any advice.. what kinds of things should I expect? did you think it was difficult. I've been hearing mixed reviews. Some say it was a bit difficult, some say it was easy! any advice would be helpful to me. thx!
  7. TREndzetta

    Anyone else really hoping for a 2nd chance? Need advice...

    Hey Rooskenator, You are not alone. I'm actually in a similar position as you right now. I too did well in high school. Got to college "lacked off" and pulled myself together toward the end, with a decent GPA, but I could have definitely done MUCH better. I'm also applying to CC-Nursing programs and im very anxious about it too. just to give you a bit of hope and a stress reliever, a couple of schools I'm looking into do not look at the cumulative GPA but are focusing more on the pre-req courses and the grades/GPA in those classes. So dont worry too much, as you still have a great chance at making a good impression, at least GPA-wise! Soooo good luck and do well in those pre-req courses!!! And thanks for posting this! I can totally benefit from responses to this post as well. :cheers:
  8. Many Congrats to you all! Good luck in school. Keep me updated on how you like the program etc.. (well whenever you may have time, .. pretty sure NS will keep you all busy!) Again Good luck. I wish you all the best and maybe in a few months I will HOPEFULLY be in the same position!! Cogratssssss!!
  9. Good Luck guys!..:heartbeat Im hoping for Fall 2011.. Keep me posted.. and ONCE you are in there.. definitely send feedback. Im anxious, i've heard great things and really hope to get in. Again, Best of luck!
  10. TREndzetta

    FA' 2011- RCC ADN program?

    Thanks for your responses! Very much so appreciated. Any idea of how many students the program accepts for the day program? I'm really interested in going there. Are you in the program currently? It's easier to get your questions answered oon this site than at an informational. Thanks again!
  11. TREndzetta

    FA' 2011- RCC ADN program?

    Hello all, I'm new too the site. Im interested in looking at RCC's (Roxbury Community College) ADN day program for FALL 2011. Anyone here attend? Just wanted to get a sense of how people liked or disliked the program. Do all the pre-reqs need to be completed before applying? I've heard in the informational that the TEAS scores are the most important, in the application process. Any advice on how to do well on the TEAS. Any stories, experiences, advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  12. TREndzetta

    Going back after 6 years

    Hi Gina1982, I,too am iin the same boat. I started RN school initially, got freaked out and scared and decided to change majors. I've graduated and been working for just about 5 years and I'm having regrets about not finishing what I started. I've just decided I want to definitely go back. I wont be able to do an ABSN progrm so i'm thinking maybe an ADN or even an LPN program. Not sure of what route to take. But any advice would definitely be helpful!. I started taking a couple pre-reqs over, because i've pretty much exceeded the time frame for most, if not all the pre-reqs for RN school. I wish you luck with getting started again. Hope it all works out. Anyone who is or has gone thru this with any advice would be greatly appreciated. :spin: