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LA Pierce College Spring 2021


Hello! I applied for the Fall 2020 cycle at Pierce, unfortunatlly due to the coronavirus the TEAS test was cancelled. I just wanted for people going through the same thing and for new applicants to have a place for to discuss their application process. How's everyone’s doing?

I have the same issue. I haven’t heard from them. I wrote many emails and I haven’t have a response

Did anyone apply to LA Pierce College Spring 2021?

I applied for the fall and didn’t get in. I finally got a hold of someone this week and she said they’re holding on to my app for the lottery for Spring 2021 so I don’t have to reapply thankfully.  Not sure when we’ll hear something though. They haven’t updated their webpage 

Anybody hear anything about Spring 2021

I’ve heard a lot of mixed things so I’m confused myself. A few months back it took me a while to get a hold of someone. I originally applied for fall 2020 and didn’t get past the lottery. When I finally got a hold of someone back in August about reapplying they said we will use any eligible applications on file and advance them to the lottery for Spring 2021 and that’s the only way we will be choosing applicants. And then on their website it now says they’re not accepting any apps for Spring. So I’m not sure if they’re forgoing a class altogether for Spring or if they’re only choosing from applications that they already have on hand. 

The last piece of information I got from the nursing department was that they were going to announce who got accepted in the end of October ...

Any news anyone?

I just got an acceptance letter. Wasn’t sure if it was from Pierce at first because the email wasn’t familiar. Anyone else hear anything? 

I got accepted too. 

I got accepted on Friday around 5:30 also! Congratulations everyone! I feel like this came out of nowhere. Did anyone accept or deny yet? I just sent in my acceptance about two hours ago. 

I accepted my position on Friday. Congrats to everyone 

So exciting! Have you heard back from them yet?

Not yet but I’m sure we’ll start to hear back next week as everyone starts to send in that form 

Yeah that’s what I figured. Sounds good to me! 

Anyone else hear anything?

50 minutes ago, JVBO said:

Anyone else hear anything?

I sent them my intent to attend ( signed form) & they replied yesterday. but just acknowledging they received it. I’m assuming they’ll send an info packet soon about orientation etc? LOL 

4 hours ago, JVBO said:

Anyone else hear anything?

All I’ve gotten is an email saying,

”Hello Amber,

We look forward to meeting you on the first day of class!”


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