Norton Scholarship Program

  1. I was wondering if anyone has done this where they pay so much a yeah and then in return you have to work for them for so long after getting out of the program. So do you still get paid for working or do you work for free to like pay it back how does it work?
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  3. by   krltdy
    You get paid for working as well
  4. by   stephiec
    UK does the same committ to so many years and they pay some of your tuition money back AND you get paid to work.
  5. by   jlynn2303
    Where is the Norton Scholarship program located?
  6. by   raspberryfizz42
    Norton Scholar Program is run through Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY. They pay for your schooling up front as long as you agree to an employment contract. I'm currently in the program right now and the way I contracted is every semester they pay for, I agree to work six months (give or take a few days). I will receive the same pay as nurses similar to me. It is really helpful and it guarantees you a job after graduation. I have had no complaints so far. They even offer to pay for living expenses. The only stipulation is they do require you to keep a good GPA but any nursing school you get would require the same. Seriously consider applying, it is a great opportunity.
  7. by   jlynn2303
    Do they ever do student loan repayment after someone graduates and comes and works for them? I'm not in Ky now, but would have no problem moving for it! My grandparents lived there when I was growing up! How are nursing jobs for new grads in Ky right now?
  8. by   raspberryfizz42
    Well I have never actually asked about loan repayment but I have heard through the grapevine that they do. The nursing shortage is not to great in Kentucky but jobs are available. Just contact the people in workforce development. I had to call there this morning. They are really helpful!
  9. by   mappers
    Loan repayment right now is only for loans taken out through KHESLA before june of 2007. Norton's is trying to fill in for the old Best in Care program that went belly up. I'm in my 2nd year working for them and will be done with the Norton scholar payback next fall. They are helping pay off my student loans now as well. (Norton Scholars doesn't cover the whole cost.) All the money is taxable though. That freaks people out, which I don't undertand. Let's see, pay and extra few hundred dollars in taxes for a few years versus 20,0000 for my education. No brainer to me. I'll let Norton pay for my education and I'll just pay the taxes.
  10. by   Socal_hotness
    Hi, could you shoot me a message - I googled this program but I can't find it. Do you know if there are other ones similar to it? My dad told me there's a program where you go to school and then you work wherever they need you in the country. Are you familiar with this program? Thanks so much for your time!
  11. by   mappers
    For he Norton Scholars, go to and look under employment. Your dad might be talking about the US Public Health Commissioned Corps.

    Or the military. The Navy and Army will pay for you to go to school and you'll be commissioned a Captian when you graduate.

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