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Having my daughter 16 weeks early has inspired me to begin a career in nursing. She has changed my life forever!

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  1. NICU Special on Discovery Health's "Baby Week"!!

    I have to agree. Show me the mechanical chest movements of a 24 weeker on a vent or oscillator with settings turned up so high, you just know they're going to get a pneumo. Show me a micro with IV's in nearly every limb, their scalp, and their umbi...
  2. what are the chances?

    Thank you both for your insight. It just seems like such a fine line, and would like to approach the subject professionally, without too much emotion attached. That will be very difficult, since that's mostly what drew me to become a nicu nurse. ...
  3. what are the chances?

    So, I'm the mother of a nicu grad. She was in the nicu for about 3 months. I've kept in touch with most of the nurses that took care of my peanut. My question is this: do you think it improves or decreases my chances of gaining a spot in the nicu?...
  4. LPN Internship in Mother/Baby!!!

    Thank you so much! Wishinguponastarcna: Being from Louisville then, you know how hard it is to find somewhere to do 120 hours! Most of my fellow students haven't found a place yet. I hate it for them. At the same time, I'm so overwhelmed with e...
  5. LPN Internship in Mother/Baby!!!

    Hi all! Let me give you some background information first Three years ago, I gave birth to a 24 weeker. After watching the nicu team in action for a few months, I decided I HAD to be a part of this profession. I had always thought about it anyway...
  6. How did you memorize path of bloodflow in the heart? has an excellent interactive tutorial! I learned it in a matter of 30 min.....seriously
  7. Thoughts on Galen college of Nursing

    I am getting ready to graduate the LPN program. I really like Galen, however, at times it has seemed disorganized, but not too terribly disorganized. 99.9% of the instructors have been fantastic. The other instructor was a great instructor, and ve...
  8. HELP please! HTN/DM

    Actually, it was NOT a homework question. I just couldn't wrap my head around why htn would be one of the first signs of dm. I spoke with my instructor, and she agreed with me, but added that I left out the aldosterone. Thanks everyone for your in...
  9. HELP please! HTN/DM

    Thanks everyone for your help! I'll let you know what I come up with :)
  10. HELP please! HTN/DM

    I need to answer this question: Why is HTN one of the 1st signs of type 2 DM? Here's what I came up with, but I still don't see how it could be one of the first signs because HTN usually has no s/s, and with this theory, the person probably already k...
  11. To my incredibly insecure classmate with a personality disorder: Quit talking about everyone behind their backs, it really does show your insecurities. 95% of us agree you must have a personality disorder, and we really don't like you. We're just b...
  12. Galen College

    I'm in my first Quarter now. I bought a Jansport rolling backpack, a digital recorder (I don't use it), a lanyard to hold my school badge, a good lunch bag (no refridgerator at River Rd. campus), a couple 2" binders, one 4" binder to put things in ...
  13. I might have cancer :(

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and wisdom! It really means a lot to me to have a place to express my fears. I have tried to put this in the back of my head, and move on until I know something concrete. I did speak with 2 instructors yesterday...
  14. I might have cancer :(

    So, this past Friday I had an MRI done because I had lumps on the back of my neck. I seriously thought it was tension in my neck because I've really gotten myself worked up over starting school this week. As it turns out, I have several swollen lym...
  15. Help! Memorizing Lab Values

    great thread!