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Having my daughter 16 weeks early has inspired me to begin a career in nursing. She has changed my life forever!

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  1. krltdy

    NICU Special on Discovery Health's "Baby Week"!!

    I have to agree. Show me the mechanical chest movements of a 24 weeker on a vent or oscillator with settings turned up so high, you just know they're going to get a pneumo. Show me a micro with IV's in nearly every limb, their scalp, and their umbilical cord. Oh, and don't forget all the desats. To me, this show did not depict what really happens in the nicu.
  2. krltdy

    what are the chances?

    Thank you both for your insight. It just seems like such a fine line, and would like to approach the subject professionally, without too much emotion attached. That will be very difficult, since that's mostly what drew me to become a nicu nurse. Again, thanks so much!
  3. krltdy

    what are the chances?

    So, I'm the mother of a nicu grad. She was in the nicu for about 3 months. I've kept in touch with most of the nurses that took care of my peanut. My question is this: do you think it improves or decreases my chances of gaining a spot in the nicu? On one hand, I have experience that most nicu applicant's don't have, which is the raw, suffocating agony of having a child there. I know what questions most parents will ask, before they ask them. I know what it's like to have to decide whether your child a DNR or not. I pretty much have all the terminology down. But on the other hand, I don't want them to think that it would be too emotional or close to home. Please be honest, and tell me what you think. Thanks!!!
  4. krltdy

    LPN Internship in Mother/Baby!!!

    Thank you so much! Wishinguponastarcna: Being from Louisville then, you know how hard it is to find somewhere to do 120 hours! Most of my fellow students haven't found a place yet. I hate it for them. At the same time, I'm so overwhelmed with excitement, I can hardly contain myself. Scared to death too!
  5. krltdy

    LPN Internship in Mother/Baby!!!

    Hi all! Let me give you some background information first Three years ago, I gave birth to a 24 weeker. After watching the nicu team in action for a few months, I decided I HAD to be a part of this profession. I had always thought about it anyway, but was intimidated. I'm graduating the LPN program in a few weeks, and have been offered an internship at that very hospital. I will start the RN program in about 2 weeks. I'm exhilerated to say the least. They don't hire LPN's, so really they are doing me a HUGE favor! I'm looking at this internship as a job interview. What can I do to really stand out? What should I NOT do? I'm really nervous because I consider some of these folks friends, after all, they did save my peanut's life. Thanks for any input!
  6. krltdy

    How did you memorize path of bloodflow in the heart?

    Freenursetutor.com has an excellent interactive tutorial! I learned it in a matter of 30 min.....seriously
  7. krltdy

    Thoughts on Galen college of Nursing

    I am getting ready to graduate the LPN program. I really like Galen, however, at times it has seemed disorganized, but not too terribly disorganized. 99.9% of the instructors have been fantastic. The other instructor was a great instructor, and very caring, but I just couldn't hear them during lecture. All-in-all, I've had a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend Galen :)
  8. krltdy

    HELP please! HTN/DM

    Actually, it was NOT a homework question. I just couldn't wrap my head around why htn would be one of the first signs of dm. I spoke with my instructor, and she agreed with me, but added that I left out the aldosterone. Thanks everyone for your input.
  9. krltdy

    HELP please! HTN/DM

    Thanks everyone for your help! I'll let you know what I come up with :)
  10. krltdy

    HELP please! HTN/DM

    I need to answer this question: Why is HTN one of the 1st signs of type 2 DM? Here's what I came up with, but I still don't see how it could be one of the first signs because HTN usually has no s/s, and with this theory, the person probably already knew they had DM . 1. Consistent and continued high blood glucose levels, which leads to: 2. Narrowing of renal artery, which leads to: 3. deprivation of blood to the kidney 4. Kidney then produces more renin and angiotensin, thereby 5. Causing constriction and resistance in peripheral arteries thoughout the body, which equals: 6. HTN Thanks for any input!
  11. To my incredibly insecure classmate with a personality disorder: Quit talking about everyone behind their backs, it really does show your insecurities. 95% of us agree you must have a personality disorder, and we really don't like you. We're just being nice. I mean, why else would you fly off the handle in maternity clinicals? Why else would you act like an A$$ toward the sweetest clinical instructor we've had yet? You know it's bad when a nurse from clinicals pulls you aside and says "What's with the loose cannon?". There's a reason you didn't get to see deliveries during maternity clinicals. Hope you figure it out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, quit joking to other people about this person being gay, or that person. Nobody really cares how long it's been since Anthony's seen a vagina. We love him, and you made him feel incredibly uncomfortable telling the instructor just how long it had been, you dim-wit. Another thing, yes I do make straight A's. I work hard for them. It's none of your business what my grades are. I don't know why you ask me what they are if it makes you feel so bad. I'm not in competition with you, we're not even in the same league honey.
  12. krltdy

    Galen College

    I'm in my first Quarter now. I bought a Jansport rolling backpack, a digital recorder (I don't use it), a lanyard to hold my school badge, a good lunch bag (no refridgerator at River Rd. campus), a couple 2" binders, one 4" binder to put things in after I have finished a section in each subject, several one subject notebooks, lots of highlighters, black pens, #2 pencils for tests, a ton of notecards, a clipboard w/storage for clinicals, Littman classic stethescope, disposable pen lights, bandage scissors, Nursemates. I also bought an Ipod Touch, but won't be using it until 2nd Qtr.
  13. krltdy

    I might have cancer :(

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and wisdom! It really means a lot to me to have a place to express my fears. I have tried to put this in the back of my head, and move on until I know something concrete. I did speak with 2 instructors yesterday, and they were VERY supportive of me. I feel somewhat more at ease now :)
  14. krltdy

    I might have cancer :(

    So, this past Friday I had an MRI done because I had lumps on the back of my neck. I seriously thought it was tension in my neck because I've really gotten myself worked up over starting school this week. As it turns out, I have several swollen lymph nodes. I received a call yesterday from my Dr. telling me she's making an appt. with an ENT to have a biopsy done. I am scared like I have never been before. I know my health is paramount, but I am really worried to miss any school to have this done. I guess if I have cancer, it won't really matter anyway. I will miss, but I really hate it! Today is only my 3rd day of school! How should I handle this with my instructors who really don't know me yet? Sorry, I just needed to get this off my chest.
  15. krltdy

    Help! Memorizing Lab Values

    great thread!

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