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  1. jlynn2303

    FNP Indiana Wesleyan PORTFOLIO

    Hello all, I am currently in the FNP program at IWU and the one thing that has me considering not finishing us the freaking portfolio. I am not stupid by any means. I carried honors in my other masters, on nursing school and currently in the FMP program. I have written theses for two different programs and did well on both, bu the instructions for this portfolio seem insanely arcane and can mplucated to the point that I find that - and only that utterly immobilizing. It is to the point that I am willing to PAY SOMEONE to put it together for me . I am absolutely serious. I have paid for a professional resume service, how is this different? The work itself will be mine. If anyone here is familiar with a setbice that does this, or who has done it and done it well themselves, please let me know! No idea why I find this particular task sp overwhelming, but I am old enough to accept it, pick my battles and move on. If you can help, hit me up!
  2. jlynn2303

    How many NPs have had to prescribe or diagnose a patient?

    Geeze, scanning too fast and misread it as How many NP's does it take to diagnose a patient? I thought it was a joke, like how many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb! Actually, I think I like mine better. So- what do you think? How many NPs does it take to dx a pt? 3? One to see the patient, one to comb through ICD-10 and one to argue with the insurance company? Make that two to argue!
  3. Hi, i am slated to start the IWU FNP program in Nov 2015, but their financial aid approach seems very sketchy to say the least. When I inquired about my award, they told me it would not be packaged until AFTER classes startes? I have a BA and a master's in another field, and I have NEVER heard of this practice. What if the package seems like a bad idea - i.e. Lots of expensive, private loans that are just a bad financial idea and I am not willing to borrow? I already owe money for one class and books. This seems unethical to say the least doea anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, jennifer
  4. jlynn2303

    Primary Care Nursing Program at Indiana Wesleyan University

    Hi, I am slated to start in Nov 2015, but have concerns that they are so vague about the financial aid. What has your experience been? I have never heard of a school that does not reveal financial aid umtil AFTER classes start. I don't want to be blindsided after I am alreay in and owe money. Thanks, jennifer
  5. jlynn2303

    New to LTAC

    Hi, I have been a nurse about 5 years, and have done mostly hospice with some LTC (about a year) and chronic dialysis (about 6 months), with hospice being the most recent. I am worried that I have forgotten a lot of things I will need. Any suggestions as to what to review? Do you think it is better to start on 3rd shift or first? Or a mix? While the hours in hospice were veeeerrry long, with a lot of on call, they were not 12hrs on my feet. Any suggestions to help the transition for my back and legs?! Lol. Thanks, Jennifer
  6. jlynn2303

    Words of wisdom/advice for new hospice nurse?

    Get organized! That's true for all nursing. There's a lot of paperwork/documentation in hospice, to the point that sometimes it feels like all I do is do paper/computer work.
  7. Hi, The nurses at my for-profit hospice are now required to have marketing territories on top of our other duties. We are responsible for getting the facilities to give us admissions. We are supposed to be sales people. If I had wanted to be a marketer, if I had thought i had the talent, personality or ability to be a marketer or a sales person, I would have gotten my MBA, not my RN. I am terrible at selling things. None of the nurses has any clue what we are supposed to be doing except bringing in admissions. Our marketing person no longer does this. They took the facilities and doctors from her and gave them to us. We have had no training. Today we were shown a chart that listed (among other things) facilities where once upon a time we had an admission, but where we do not currently have any patients (most are contracted with another hospice). No instruction, nothing. Just the implication that the nurses are supposed to convince the building to give us admissions. they keep raising our expected/target census, even though we were not meeting the old census expectations, and have never, except for a brief period where a bunch of people who were not appropriate, were admitted (they later had to be taken off.). We stay around the same census we have been at since we opened several years ago, but that is not good enough. Has anyone else had to do this?
  8. I am not sure how to describe this, and am considering what to do. There is a nurse at our hospice who has a long history of coming into conflict with coworkers, filing complaints, and what is worse, saying that patients are complaining. Various nurses have left the agency because of her, others refuse to talk to her on the phone (which is how we report) unless someone else was also on the line, she has filed complaints against management, trashes the other nurses to each other and the doctors - I have never seen anything like it in all my days. She typically has a target, a particular nurse that she is going after and trying to get into trouble. She works weekends only, and we all dread Monday morning report. I have watched it go through one nurse after another. Well, apparently, it is my turn. What is even odder is that she told one of the aides that she thinks I am out to get her!?? I am not the one filing grievances. This other employee, who used to be very close to the nurse in question, went so far as to call her paranoid. She lied and said I refused to go out (fortunately, no one believed her) when she called me for a vigil. This was not true. What I said was 'let me know what you need' since I didn't know who else she had talked to. I don't deal well with with people who are so vindictive and malicious. It always leaves me at a loss. Can't we just work together to take good care of our patients? Isn't this job stressful enough? I don't care to live that way, so it would never occur to me to do that to someone else. But now it is affecting my employment record. My question is this - she has now done this to so many nurses, surely a pattern could be proved? Wouldn't it be weird if there is one nurse involved in almost every single grievance or complaint over multiple years? I am kicking around the idea of consulting a lawyer, but am not even sure what this would be called. Everyone is afraid of this woman (including management - she files grievances on them as well), and multiple nurses have left the agency entirely because of her. So, what kind of lawyer might address these questions? Labor? What is this called? Any input appreciated! Thanks!
  9. jlynn2303

    Nurses regularly assigned tech station

    We have 12 patients to a side. On Saturdays the nurse is automatically assigneda four person station plus being responsible for all 12 pt. There are a total of 24 chairs and. If a tech calls in that means each nurse runs a station and a side.
  10. Is it typical for nurses to regularly be assigned to run an entire tech station plus do the nursing duties on a chronic unit? If so, how do you ever get everything done. They are both full time jobs. Not just when a tech calls in, but scheduled? And if a tech calls in, the nurses (there are two) have to run both stations plus everything else. It doesn't seem very safe to me.
  11. Hello, I am thinking about travel nursing in the future and am curious - do you apply for a new license every time you go to a new state? I live on the OH/IN border and when I added an Indiana endorsement to my Ohio license it was $30 to NursSys to verify my license - for EACH state in which I held a license. Not a problem for one state - but it could be prohibitively expensive. Also, does have a license in a compact state make a difference? Thanks, Jennifer
  12. jlynn2303

    Pulled from floor by "Men in Black"

    Knock Knock Who's there? HIPPA HIPPA Who? Sorry, I can't tell you that.
  13. jlynn2303

    Dialysis Staff Schedules

    Coleebee, I am working in a chronic center. We run 3 shifts on mwf, 2 shifts on tths plus a nocturnal on stt. The first nurse comes in at 5.30 AM every day. On MWF mornings the nocturnal nurses stays til 8am, another nurse comes in, ostensibly to work til 8, but they want to send her home at 4 most days. So the schedule looks like this: Nocturnal nurses 8=8 Sun, Tues, Thursday 2 nurses 5.30 to 4.30 or 5.30 on TTS. 1 nurse 5.30 to 2p MWF, 1 nurse 8-8 (but want to send her home at 4p) MWF and one nurse 2-10 MWF. It is difficult, if not impossible to get even 36 hours and most of us have a second and maybe even a third job to be able to get enough hours. I am wondering if this is typical. Thanks!
  14. jlynn2303

    Dialysis Staff Schedules

    do you Work acutes or outpatient?UOTE=jlynn2303;6975842]Hello all, Just out of curiosity - I am wondering what work schedules look like in different places - In center Hemo, PD and inpatient/acute dialysis. Does anyone get 40 hours? Do you get sent home early a lot? What hours are a typical shift (i.e. 2-10, 8-8)? thanks!Jennifer
  15. jlynn2303

    Dialysis Staff Schedules

    Hello all, Just out of curiosity - I am wondering what work schedules look like in different places - In center Hemo, PD and inpatient/acute dialysis. Does anyone get 40 hours? Do you get sent home early a lot? What hours are a typical shift (i.e. 2-10, 8-8)? thanks! Jennifer
  16. jlynn2303

    Recomend a basic dialysis text book?

    Hi, I am a relatively new nurse (1-1/2 years) who has recently started at an outpatient unit. I am looking for a clear, basic text book so that I can do some more in depth reading on some of the specifics of dialysis. UF profiling, sodium modeling, trouble shooting, and I am sure a bunch of stuff I don't know about yet! Thanks,

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