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  1. by   krltdy
    Well, I'm a little tricky on sizing. If it weren't for the "girls" I would be a medium. I have to buy a large, and then the sleeves and body of the blouse is usually too big. So sad. I am also petite. I am only 5'2".
  2. by   jigzawnurse28
    how much is the medical stuff? like the vaccine shots. im going to Galen in san antonio! :-) and are they gonna offer me the guys uniforms there or i have to buy it somewhere else? and is that ok im doing nursing even if im a guy? nothing wrong right? just after the salary. hopefully will work for me on this kind of economy.
  3. by   slmcdo05
    Hi Lee in San Antonio! Of course it is ok for a guy to be a nurse! Lots of men become nurses; my husband is getting ready to start Galen in Louisville, Ky with me. I have always heard that hospitals love male nurses because they are stronger than most women; as far as moving and lifting patients. One of the nurses that I've ever had was a male nurse during a visit to the emergency room!

    Well the uniforms, shoes and equipment are going to run about $$250; give or take a little. The cost of shots also depends on where you get them. I found a health department RN who charges $5 for each immunization and $5 for each TB skin test! That is a great deal. At the other end of the spectrum, you can go to the Take Care Clinic inside Walgreens and they are much more expensive, but more convenient. For example, for the same shots that we are going to pay a combined total of $30 for at the health nurse, it would cost us $520 at the Take Care Clinic. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

    We are going to go to the Take Care clinic for our physical exams though, because they are only $30 and the health nurse is not qualified to do them. It has to be a doctor or nurse practitioner who does the physical.
    Well I hope I answered your questions! Oh yeah, if you still have your childhood immunization records for the 2MMR boosters and the 2 Varicells boosters, then you just need the 2 TB skins test and the physical. The Hepatitis B is optional, but I think I'll get the 3 boosters though. Better safe than sorry!

    Good luck in San Antonio!
  4. by   slmcdo05
    Hey Preemiemama! Have you had a chance to look at the Nanco stuff online yet? If so, are you getting a lab coat? It doesn't say that it is required, but everyone in the Galen website pictures has them on. The list of required items on the Nanco website, is really worded in a confusing way. Oh yeah, if anyone is interested in a very CHEAP pair of women's shoes for nursing school, I found a very good pair today at Wal-Mart. I was planning on getting my shoes online, but I ran across a pair of Danskin's brand solid white leather tennies. They are perfect, because they don't have a hint of any other color on them and they are very comfortable. They were only $11, so I am going to give them a try. If anyone else is interested, they are in the same aisle as the hanging flip flops and sandles.

    Have fun at Mike Linnigs tomorrow everyone!

  5. by   krltdy
    Good morning Sonya! We do not need the Labcoat until we start the RN Program. I was so relieved! I have spent sooooo much money already!
  6. by   krltdy
    What color stethoscope are you all getting? I'm thinking about going with the ceil blue.
  7. by   BBFRN
    FYI: It is NOT a good idea for you guys to be posting your real names here, as you never know who might be lurking.

    I would hate to see something come back to bite you in the butt, should you want to vent about school, etc.

    Take care, and good luck in your studies.
  8. by   slmcdo05
    You are right BBFRN! We have all joined Galen's facebook page, so we know more about eachother, but we still don't know who else is on here! Thanks for your concern! :spin:

    I don't know what color stethoscope I am getting. I saw a cute one with a pink breast cancer ribbon. I might get that one! :heartbeat

    Thanks for letting me know that preemiemama. I was worried about the extra expense. We are spending a fortune, even without having to buy a labcoat!
  9. by   lil_meme19
    check your facebook messages...krltdy
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  10. by   lasdrs07
    I ordered a pink stethoscope the other day! I also ordered a pair of pink bandage scissors. Also, does anyone know how much the Hepatitis shots cost? I found a place in my hometown to get the TB shots for only $5. I'm getting my physical done at my regular doctor. My financial aid appointment is Wednesday. Hopefully I can get all of the money stuff taken care of!! Hope everyone had fun at Mike Linnig's tonight! I wish I could have been there! Can't wait to meet you all!!
  11. by   BBFRN
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  12. by   jigzawnurse28
    thank you for reading slmcdo05.

    where do you guys buy your stethoscopes? im from san antonio. is there like an online store? can i have the website?

    forgive me im like a total newbie in nursing.

    my financial aid appointment is on the 11th.

    are they gonna require me a certain amount of monthly payment even after being granted the Pell grant and getting the student loan done? i hope i wont have to pay any monthly payments.
  13. by   lasdrs07
    hi leeroijaewon! i just went to and searched for a pink stethoscope. it was only $13.99!! i don't really care about getting an expensive one until after i graduate. good luck at your financial aid meeting! i don't know what all happens at the financial aid meetings because i don't have mine until wednesday. i'm sorry i couldn't be of more help!

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