Just registered for my FINAL semester!!

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What a relief! I had clinical this morning but my school BFF registered for me and I cannot tell you how happy it made me knowing I just have ONE last semester. To top it off, we only go to class every other week and the other week is our precepting week.

To make my day even better, I ROCKED my med-surg test I thought I bombed last week! I didn't do well on the first test so I had a LOT on the line and was actually worried that I might have to repeat the class if I didn't do well. Whew! I have been on cloud 9 all day!!!

To anyone else nearing the final semester - WE GOT THIS!! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train either!!


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Same here (well will be registering soon, haven't even checked if it's open yet) but for once I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel getting ready for my last semester.


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Congratulations! I just registered for MY final semster yesterday, so I know how excited you are! Yay!!

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I registered last week. I like checking my schedule just to see it.:D

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I registered last week. I like checking my schedule just to see it.:D

that is sooo true! I had to have my friend register for me and she texted me when she got us all in our classes but I still had to hop on a computer and check it out! We can view our schedule month-by-month and just LOVE seeing classes every other week and only on Thursday and half-a-day on Friday.



congrat guys thats awesome! man i wish i was near the end. i just finished process 1 and we are doing electrolytes in process 2. im sooo scared of this test. i found i have a love hate thing with ns. i love the most of the stuff we learn i just wish i could have some kind of a life besides it. i see people out living there life and im always studying get tiring but one day i will be registering for my last semester gee i cant wait

Congrats! I registered for mine a few weeks ago! I have kept all of my previous schedules and will this one too. I look at it just because I am so excited that I'm going into my last semester soon! I just need to do really good on my last quiz, test, and final!

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First day of my last term starts tomorrow :) I am super excited, yet at the same time......tired lol I'm just ready for it to be over!

Congratulations to all who have registered for their last semester. I start my first semester of nursing school in January 2011. It's been a long hard couple of years, with pre - reqs and four kids, but I finally got accepted to the clinical portion and cannot wait to get started. And I really can't wait until my last semester and I can be a nurse. It will be well worth the struggles that I have gone through when I can put RN at the end of my name. Good luck all!

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I registered for my final semester in grad school a couple of weeks ago. It still seems like a long ways off but I'm starting to count down the months until I finish.

Can't wait to look like this: :grad:

I just registered last week for my last semester too and wow it sure feels awesome to be almost at the end!!! :clpty:

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I register for my final semester on Friday night and I am so excited. I can not believe that nursing school has gone by so fast. I am excited about the end being so close now.

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