Just had my pinning ceremony today!

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Hey guys I'm graduated for real! it was kind of sad because everyone had their families come to congratulate them for their success but I didn't have any family come for me. After the ceremony, everyone started hugging and taking pictures and all, but I just kind of had to sneak out of there quickly cause I just felt out of place. I gave a few fellow students big hugs and wished them good luck and took off. I have lots of buddies but I didn't tell anyone about my graduation because of my personality that makes me hate being put on the spot. It does feel great to be done though. I went to the beach right after the ceremony and relaxed as long as possible for the first time this whole summer. It was a great feeling. Now, all I have left to do is to study for the boards and pass!


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Heres a big hug from me ....:icon_hug:

All your hard work has paid off!!! :yeah:



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Congrats!!! :yeah::nurse:


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Congrats! I wish you all the best in your future!


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thank you guys!

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Congrats !! I'm right there with you... time to study for boards.


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What are you using for practicing boards questions, student 19?


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Just got back from my pinning ceremony. It was really nice and yes I cried i had made a lot of friends that I know some I will see others I will not. I am very excited about taking boards but also scared to death. Well good luck and let us all know how you do.


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LanePN, are you currently working somewhere that you would want to continue working at after you take your boards?


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No, but I am thinking of doing long term care because the pay is better than hospital here in North Carolina, but i will probably to per diem at hospital to keep my assessment skills. planning on doing LPN to RN program next August :nurse:


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Great job...Congradulations....Good Luck with boards...:yeah::yeah::yeah:

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