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  1. Hello! Graduation is here! I'm looking at all the things that I've collected from LPN school such as nurse kit, LPN books, supplemental books.. Allnurses has been great for resources items and ideas. I took the idea from of putting each subject into it's own 3 ring binder. Wow! I have a collection. I will throw away miscellaneous items.. I will shred careplans and casestudies. Are you keeping or selling it? How did you declutter after graduation? My office area looks so scary..
  2. SmilesNoir


    I am ready for vacation time. My brain is much. If I see one more careplan, I will scream! Sadly, everything does revolves around school. But, We are blessed! So, We wont complain!
  3. SmilesNoir

    MDS training in Florida

    I want to obtain this training. Where can I do it in Florida? Recommendations are welcome!
  4. SmilesNoir


    thanks for coming back in here! I know, I was in books left and right that I could not read on AN. We had 70ish folks and lost 19 (I think) .. Its a sad feeling! I'm thankful for friends who support me.. When is graduation?
  5. SmilesNoir

    pTEC October 2009 LPN applicants/students

    Are you folks about to graduate? What has your experience been thus far?
  6. SmilesNoir

    PBS:Frontline: College Inc

    Wow! the word politically sensitive packs a punch! Your p.o.v is a good one! The one school has a class action suit against them, 3 ladies. On here, I read about the ladies who went to $30k LPN to RN or RN private school (Orlando). The school fearing it's reputation and board pass rates, imo. . So the student thought they had graduated from the program and would receive their approval for b.on. The school surprise them with the HESI or something test. If they did not pass the HESI exit test, they were not receiving their approval and degrees. some of the ladies spoke with the president of the private school. Due to fact, it was sprung on them. Some did not pass the test. From what I read, the president said you could sue but it will spend yrs in the court system. WOW! .. They need to contact the Dept of Education. I have not kept up with thread,lately. Still there were potential who want to attend the school. I believe next yr. My school (public) will have an exit test. Right now the B.O.N rates are 85 to 90%. Like you said It's a very political sensitive issue. But It is not right to take peoples money and offer inferior education. When the Dept of Education spoke of 'clause', private education stocks went down. Education should not be a shareholder or profit holder option,imo. Student and Buyer Beware!
  7. SmilesNoir

    PBS:Frontline: College Inc

    Someone posted on here that this school has a n.s. in the bay. I was b/c I did not know they were even in the nursing game/school. When I picked my school. I checked out the B.O.N. pass rates for the LPN school in the bay. The votech school nearest to me, It did not have a good rep or pass rate. Some folks on here had mixed views. The school that i choose and was accepted to.. It has a good rep in the bay community. Pass rates are good,too. I felt bad for the 3 ladies b/c they honestly felt that they were suitable for employment w/o suitable clinicals. I'm still confused b/c I thought the B.O.N has to approve of it. So I sat puzzled by it. I know a RN who teaches at the "I can do it, you can too school". She has a lot of knowledge. Her students should be on point. I met a LPN to RN student at the local library. She goes to $17k school here in the burg. Now she graduated from their LPN program too. I was confused by the fact ..she did not know how to look up nursing journals. Umm, (leaning forward) If I paid all that money for a LPN school.. I better know how to look up nursing journal on the net or card catalog. Luckily, the librarian was nice to help her. She knew her stuff about hands on topics. Th Disclaimer time: No school is perfect. But, If I'm taking out a "Big A" loan.. My A game better be on point. Local medical facilities better have respect for my school and training. so with saying Student or Buyer Beware!
  8. SmilesNoir

    PBS:Frontline: College Inc

    Public Broadcasting Stations has a series called Frontline. Today it focus on College, INC. ie private schools. Those schools who target urban moms. "You cant sit at home .. If I can to do it, you can too". They showed 3 ladies who went to this school for LVN program. The ladies were licensed.. BUT.. When they went to countless interviews. The questions the interviewer asked of the ladies.. Did you do any training in a hospital or nursing home facility? They said no.. We went to Museum of Scientology for psychiatric clinical and a day care for pediatrics.. College,INC highlighted another private school from the southwest, too. The show spoke about the pressure tactics and hitting the 'potential' student hot spot to enroll and pay for classes immediately. How the private schools are highly profitable. The U.S. Dept of Ed is putting a new 'clause' in place that the profit schools must show a ' gainful employment' of their students. The profit school lobbyist are not happy with the clause and are lining the congress folks pockets to have the 'clause' go away.. Very interesting.. One of the executives sd.. Well (paraphrase) they can pay for the loans somehow.. So he dont care if you have the job that you trained for to pay your loan.. check it out on your local PBS stations..
  9. :) BB! You can do it! Stay Focus! No partying! You've came this far... You cant stop! Pass them boards Whatever practice materials your school recommends keep studying it. Go to bed with it! Take a shower with it! Breathe it! Make yourself proud!
  10. SmilesNoir


    Hello! I started in March 2010. Wow! Hit the ground running on a hamster treadmill! It's a totally different world from what i've experienced. I've been in school 1 month. Yes, I've dropped $$ on study guides and such. Also, I'm thankful to AN and another msgboard group b/c I've found other resources and recommended items too. To the poster who recommend a binder for each class. Thank you! This works greatly. I have the binders with the plastic around it. I typed a title sheet with my name, class and a success quote. Highly organized! We have a comprehensive final soon. So much info to study! I've decided to look at my lowest unit test and rework the objectives of the units. Also, I've received my wrong answers from the previous unit test and reread the chapter or paragraph regarding the area. I'm completing the end of chapter review or test and using the cd that comes with the book. Also, I goto the website of the book for review or test my knowledge. Memorizing those pharm math formulas EEK!!! Practice make perfect or near perfect! Good Luck in May .. Keep updating! Keep Positive! Keep Sharing Resources! Take some me time too!
  11. SmilesNoir

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    Like a previous poster said, There is no obvious answer to this problem. Curious, We have an aging 'baby boomer' population plus the greatest generation living longer. How do we maintain quality of care for our citizens and illegal immigrants. This stupid war is draining the coffers. Yes, They deserve care. But at what cost of our citizen who have put in their time.Do we bill their home country for services? In this story, Should the husband be held accountable for his mil care? I thought it was nice of the uncle to help with the grandma. But, He has his own medical issues. If an American moves to another country for a job opportunity and becomes sick. Will the hosting country tend to their needs like America? No easy answers!
  12. SmilesNoir

    uh oh- the drama begins.....

    Yes If you dont indulge in the mess, you'll be better off. Most of my classmates are older. A few teenagers. What I dont get is the talking.. Blah blah blah blah x 10 to 1millionth power! Well due to the talking.. key points were missed for a test. Boy o Boy.. Folks were heated.. This shall too pass!
  13. I've researched jobs in the medical field. I have a phlebotomy certificate. I start LPN school in March. I always researched job avenue. Are lpns becoming customer reps for dr offices and hospitals? I've seen the words CSR/LPN. These jobs are paying $13 to $18. I've seen such job ads in VA, Fl (Orlando and Tampa) online I know, they are LPN/RN's who work in law offices for disability claims. I met a LPN who works from home as an insurance approver or adjuster. Some of the job descriptions have nothing to do with being a nurse. One job actually read as office manager in a medical clinic. Another job descript was sales oriented..
  14. SmilesNoir

    phlebotomy training in Tampa Bay

    Erwin.edu has phlebotomy.. I think all the sdhc schools have them.
  15. SmilesNoir


    I would not quit. Not a nurse. but you might be able to file unemployment under the new extension rules.. start looking for a new job.. good luck
  16. SmilesNoir

    TEAS test

    yes, the McGraw really does help.. You can get it from the library.