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  1. LaneRN

    Wounds and contractures

    I have a question concerning contractures and wounds for example, say there is a patient that has a contracture to upper extremity and developed a fungal infection due to moisture well the area has now developed into a wound in the antecubital area, would this be considered pressure or not I was just wondering if wounds developed due to contractures in tight areas would be considered pressure have not been able to find any information. I know that pressure wounds usually develop over bony prominences but can develop inn other areas as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. LaneRN

    Increasing marketability

    I live in North Carolina and I am an RN but our LPN's can push some IV meds and draw blood form a picc line if they take an IV class that is provided by the facility. This is just an FYI. and may not be true in other states but it is listed on our NCBON web site
  3. LaneRN

    New tx nurse and i need help with a wound program

    I am also a new treatment nurse and would love to have info on like policies and procedures, pressure ulcer prevention, etc. Love doing the wound care but get so frustrated with finding things I know that could have been prevented .Would love the guidance from a fellow treatment nurse.
  4. LaneRN

    participation in activities

    At the facility that I work at, we have weekly manicures where our activities staff and volunteers do the residents nails, such as filing and painting. We also have different church groups to come in and have church services. There is also a WII game that is used for fitness and coffee socials, cooking, which are just basic things,They also have wheel chair races during the summer and kickball games that are played in the dining area in their wheelchairs. But the residents get the most fun out of playing bingo two to three times a week and winning small prizes like lotion, powder and quarters. Our activities department funds this by selling drinks and snacks to the staff even though we have a breakroom. These funds are also used for differnt things throughout the year for our residents. Sometimes it just takes seeing what would interest the residents as far as activities and going from there, Most of our residents keep and eye on the calander that is in their room, dining area bulletin boards, etc. to see whats going on. Sometimes its just a matter of getting staff to make sure residents are taken to these activities if they want to go. We also have a daily juiice it up which consists of juice and a snack. They are always asking whats going on today if they are unable to read the calander. Activities also goes around to see who would like attend activities and make sure that they go if they want to.
  5. LaneRN

    Rotation for transdermal medication patches

    Our pharmacy sent us a sheet for sites for the Exelon patch there are 17 sites whirch are on the back. It specifically states on back on our orders from pharmacy we do not use the chest for these or our fentanly patches.
  6. LaneRN

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    here is the the link to the file i think we need to post it in a sticky. it is posted numerous times throughout the thread but i guess it gets overlooked if anyone knows how to get this done let me know http://www.mediafire.com/?8joeselpf487p6k
  7. LaneRN


    Thanks Checked the NCBON this morning at 12 am and already on the board so its official i am an RN:nurse:
  8. LaneRN


    well I don't think anything could have prepared me for the weird types of questions i got today don't get me wrong i had management, priority, infection control and only one math question, I had about 30 - 40 select all that apply but none of the other alternate format questions. I did the pearson vue trick when I got home and got the good pop up it was just a weird test I am already an LPN so maybe thats why. But I did the trick when I took my PN boards so hopefully it works this time too. God luck to all of you who are testing soon.
  9. I went into a LTC/SNF right out of LPN school. I also felt the same way you do, but my DON told me in the beginning that if i did not feel ready to be on my own to just let her know and I am pretty sure yours feels the same way she would rather you tell her you need more orienting than for you to just take over and not feel comfortable. Good Luck I love Long term care and will graduate on Friday from an RN program and plan to stay where I am. Like someone posted earlier either you love LTC or you hate it. Just talk to your DON and I am sure everything will work out fine.
  10. LaneRN

    Take 2 on Nclex....

    I graduate may 13th so I am hoping to take the exam the 2nd week in june. I am just as nervous for my RN boards as I was when I took the PN Boards in 2009. Well keep us all posted on how you are coming with your studying believe it or not you are keeping me motivated
  11. LaneRN

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Diana08 the random fact throwing documents are posted on pg 385 post #3844 there r links for a download. Hope this helps and good luck to all of us who are trying to pass the NCLEX You need 15 posts to be able to pm someone good luck
  12. LaneRN

    Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    I got that way when I was getting ready to take my LPN boards the closer it got my scores started dropping my instructor told me to take a break i was over analyzing the questions and studying to much. take a break and do something fun and then go back to doing your questions and see if it helps
  13. LaneRN

    Take 2 on Nclex....

    I am doing the Hurst review I have watched all the lectures so now i am just going over the packet
  14. LaneRN

    Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    Thanks Great notes hope your studyings going well Good luck to everyone
  15. LaneRN

    Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    here is the link to the random fact thread file and also check at nursereview.org plenty of info and questions just scroll down toward the middle of the page and search through the content in the brown box on the right hand side of the screen this is a place that you can find those q trainers i was talking about hope this helps just one person . if you have any questions just pm me and i will message you back here is the link to the file http://www.mediafire.com/?8joeselpf487p6k
  16. LaneRN

    Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    hi everyone i am currently an lpn. i am also planning on taking my exam the 1st or second week in june, i am using saunders 4th edition , hurst review and exam cram. right now i am mostly studying content because i took a bridge program and have been out of school since 2009 before going back for the transitional class and will graduate may 13th. for you that are planning on doing kaplan just by the book for the test taking strategies and type in nclex q trainers or kaplan q trainers and you can find the questions and rationals online for free just though i would help some friends save a little money i also bought the hurst review cd off of ebay and the whole review was on a cd includding the review notes that you take during the lectures. if you look hard enough online you can find alot of these for free or cheaper than the 300 - 500 dollar review our school uses sylvia raye and the nursing made insanley easy books they have these on ebay and amazon their are plenty of mneumonics there and also check out the random fact throwing sticky there is a file listed on the last page that is a document of most of the whole thread it is a post by me . good luck to everyone and lets all help each other with motivation and encouragement as well as what seems to be working for you as far as studying it may just help someone else out