Just passed at 130 (max due to covid) Pearson Vue Trick didn’t work.

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I believe so, because when I resit the exam most of my questions where on two areas that I got below grading standards... management of care I only got 1 questions on it although I got above grading standards when I took the exam the first time. So I do believe they keep a record track of our test.


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So I should probably print of my sheet from the last test to see the areas I need work on 

That is why I encourage student who failed to used report card or what ever they call it here in the states to use it to prepare for the retake.... 


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How do I reprint that page? 

 they send out a hard copy of your results breaking down the content area  you needed to  work on in the mail.

I would like to add this link here.... no matter what is obstacles and challenging each one of us facing or disappointment at this moment never give up! 


Soooooo guys I passed!!!


I took my test Friday November 13!! I had 75 questions and It cut of!

I did the PVT 4-5hrs after the test received the good pop up! The next morning Saturday November 14 Ohio state board posted my license and sent me an congrat email @640am!

Short story from the top....took the NCLEX 3Xs...1st time ran out of time at 190 something per-covid....2nd time post-covid took the whole 130 question test...took time to refocus my heart and mind....did not start truly studying again until end of September....used Remar VT, and quick facts book(memorized this book)....2days before the test I was burnt out and stop studying...but I knew I was going to pass a joy came over me and I knew I was going to pass...it was such a scary felling because I never felt this way before.... I mean I was arrogant!! LOL... I told myself that if this test cut off on me I knew I would pass...2 1/2 hrs later(sloooow test taker) and 75 Question I’m a whole RN!   I’m a mom of 2 kids that are home  and I am also a wife...I did not work at all and I took my time! I took the test on my time when I was ready...find what works for you and YOU GOT THIS! Don’t listen to no one on here that is not 100% positive! If they not uplifting you and giving top notch feed back not judgment then ignore them!! Your situation and learning style might not be the same...YOU GOT THIS!! YOU WILL PASS!  

Congratulation!! Diana Mosley.... 💥 I’m proud of you!


We did the paper and pencil 2 days worth of testing back in the day . It was horrendous,  we had to wait for our results to come in my snail mail . It was so stressful that we stayed up having cocktails after the 1st day of testing to go back and test again the next day , probably not the best decision I made LOL . I passed though .