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I've been on allnurses.com since Fall 2008 when I starting nursing school. I would like to say thank you to all the posters for all the helpful comments. I graduated in May 2009 and took the NCLEX-RN on 07/14/09. All the praise and glory to my Savior Jesus Christ:bowingpur. He was with me through all of my struggles. Please don't ever believe the Lord doesn't hear your prayers. He got you through nursing school and will get you through NCLEX no matter how many times it takes. Honestly I was so prayed up the test seemed like it never became difficult. I know I missed some, but I didn't have the feeling I was doing terrible. I used NCSBN site for the questions, Saunders Comp Review book and CD, Hurst Review and Kaplan strategies book. However, I found NCSBN and Saunders most helpful. Just had to tell of the goodness of the Lord.

Oh and I only had 75q and found out Thursday I'm officially a RN.

Angel love

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We need more positive people like you in the world! I am going to be taking my NCLEX RN for the 4th time and pray it is the last! Thanks for your kind words!


God is Amazing..

you are RN forever~


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Congratulation!!! God is really good. Yes. I need a lot of prayers, i'm taking mine this Monday July 20th. please pray for me to pass..thanks


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Congrats! Praise be to God!!! :bowingpur

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