Just laid off!

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OK, y'all...37 yrs experience with several certifications, blah blah blah. Just laid off due to "budget cuts." Don't quite know where to go from here. I know the market sucks right now.... :banghead: I also know I'm not alone. Thanks for "listening." Just needed to vent!

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Oh ebear, I'm so sorry. Hugs. Everything will work out for you.

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im sorry . that sucks.how devastating. you should be able to collect unemployment tho, right?

best wishes to you.

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Thanks, Jen. I sure hope so.

Dear Ebear,

I'm so sorry to hear that has happened to you. I hope you get a job soon and everything works out. This economy has destroyed the lives of so many people, but luckily we are in a profession where it's a bit easier to get work. God bless and best wishes.

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YES, jrwest. I've never collected unemployment in my life. What a PIA!!!!

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Wow, so very scary. I'm sorry. How many of you were laid off?

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i collected unemployment a few times when i worked for GM many years ago. At least you wont have to accept lesser jobs. maybe it will give your head some time to clear from spinning. uggghhh. what field were you working in?

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I am very sorry. Please give yourself a good three days of permission to be totally miserable - sob on the shoulder of anyone willing to listen, eat as many slices of the pizza as you want, etc. (It hurts so it might as well hurt 'good'.) This will help you to absorb the blow life just dealt you and with that out of the way you'll feel better prepared to summon all your inner resources to help you move forward to the next thing life has in store for you. While it may not feel at all like that now, I do believe you'll ultimately look back from a better vantage point and be glad for this current turn of events to have brought you there.

Well that sux. Im so afraid of this. At least you have credentials that can def. get you another job. Some people are losing jobs they got by luck years ago and with a layoff they are realizing they were too secure with no real educational backing. You will def find something else soon. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking.

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Cardiology. 4 RNs laid off. South Carolina. I think that answered everything...didn't it? :rolleyes:

Ehh, well....just need to clear my head at this point. Upward and onward after the holidays! At least I'll be off. May be po, but I'll be off! :D

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I am so sorry to hear this!

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