just got home from the nclex-rn...

Nursing Students NCLEX


i had my nclex this morning.

i was obviously nervous, but when i sat down to take the test, i felt pretty collected and calm.

i just told myself that this would be just another test.

i seriously have no idea what to think of it.

i had 7 or 8 SATAs, i think. maybe 6. i can't remember.

the rest were multiple choice.

some were pretty difficult.

others were out of the blue.

i got 5 or 6 drug questions that i had never heard of before.

the last few questions seemed more like basic level questions.

would teaching about medication side effects be basic level? or application/analysis?

the question was about the nurse teaching and determining it was effective if the patient said the right side effect.

i don't know what level that falls under; it seems pretty basic to me. thoughts?

anyway, i'm positive i got it wrong. the few before that, i was guessing.

it shut off at 75.

i would have gladly sat for the remaining 4 1/2 hours to get just a few more questions.

i don't even know what to think. :(

i do feel like i failed.

i know that a lot of people feel that way.

i just needed to let it out for a minute.

thank you for reading. :redpinkhe

I am taking mine tomorrow and am sooo nervous! I promised myself to take today off and just relax, but I find that difficult to do! I hear that most everyone comes out of there feeling like they failed. So keep your chin up and find something to keep you busy until you get your results! (easier said than done...I know).

Just sit back and relax now. It seems like everyone feels the same way you did once they leave that building. Did you try the PVT trick. I think you did well! Think positive, you did awesome. Good Luck and God Bless

Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Did you try the PVT trick?

i haven't yet worked up the guts to try to PVT.... i am so nervous, partially because i'm scared of the result, but mostly because i'm afraid that if i get the good or bad popup, it won't be accurate. and i'm scared to put myself through that. even if it's the good popup, i feel like i won't believe it. :(

thank you for your comments and your support! i'm trying to stay positive. :)

I took mine this morning as well. Feeling exactly the same as you. Shut off at 75...not so sure. I did the pvt...got the "good" pop up. Obviously not counting on it but it gave me a little peace of mind since everyone has said it is accurate. GOOD LUCK!!

Hey guys? A very close friend and classmate of mine got just over 80 questions when it shut off on her Monday. She was hysterical, certain she failed. Today the poor girl got her results. She did not fail. Over the last few days when we spoke she was certain there was no way she could have passed. She told me over 1/4 of her test was SATA and she blew them all. Not so. She passed and thought there was no possible way for it to happen. Have hope ya'll....it IS hard. It is NOT impossible!!

Good to hear! Thanks for sharing the story. I wish I didn't feel so unsure but I feel like if I had failed it would have been in more than 75 questions. Ugh I hate waiting.

What exactly is the "good" message with the PVT? I am getting that "This candidate currently has an open registration for this exam and cannot re-register at this time" and I am seriously freaking out.

that's what they said the good pop up.

Apparently, that isn't the good pop up. The good one is "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

The PVT only works after you get the "Delivery Successful" status message under Activity on the Pearson Vue site.

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