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I've completed pre-req's and applied to my local nursing program several times, and I just can't compete.

I have a 3.6 gpa and mostly A's in the required courses, but my school is over-saturated with applicants so you basically need a 4.0 to get in.

I've been trying for 6 years, I've retaken some of the classes to get A's instead of B's, I've done everything I can. Still can't get in.

I have a family, kids and roots where I am and there is only one program within 150 miles of me, so I can't apply anywhere else as we can't move and I can't afford the time/gas/hotel $$ to go to school for 2 years somewhere else. I'm so frustrated. I'm going to apply to the Medical Assistant program even though that's not what I really want to do.

Anyone else in this position? I'm an older applicant, 33 with 3 kids and just can't compete with all the 4.0 fresh out of high school superstars, lol. Ugh!

Would love to hear any words of wisdom.


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I would do LPN before MA- much higher starting pay, much more opportunity. Where do you live that there is only one school within 150 miles?

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Thanks for your response. My school doesn't offer a separate LPN program; you either qualify for the whole 2 year ADN program or you don't, even though halfway through you qualify to test for LPN. I live in the middle of nowhere, Washington state. Driving more than an hour or 2 to get somewhere for school just isn't a possibility for me.

Have you ask the program why you are constantly being rejected?

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Does your school have a point system? If they do then figure out how to maximize your chances of getting in.

Do you have a CNA license? Is there a possibility that you can work in a place that can cover the cost of a nursing program in exchange for you working for them.

Have you looked at private schools, and how much they cost?

Do you have any private LPN schools around your area.

I'm not sure how else to help but I hope everything works out.

Never mind. Reading fail.

I'm sorry, that stinks. Can you ask for feedback on why you didn't get in?

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As a medical assistant I would advise against it. Although Washington State has a better field for it than many other areas it is not a worthwhile career. Maybe set an appointment with an advisor to see what your pre-reqs would be good for to complete a degree to qualify for other jobs.

And I agree with the posts above, talk with the nursing admissions department and see why you are getting passed up.

After six tries, I would certainly expect a better answer from the admissions committee other than each time a new set of more perfect applicants pushed you aside. And if I were you, if you want this badly enough, then perhaps you need to seriously reconsider your stance on uprooting the family, or yourself, so that you can go to school.

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Can you meet with an admissions advisor to discuss your application? At my community college program, they had a rule where anyone who wasn't accepted to the program had to meet with an advisor before reactivating their application for consideration again.

Is this where you completed your pre-reqs? You should have an academic advisor assigned if you are/were a student.

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What sort of program is the local program? ADN, BSN? Do you have a willingness to go to any lengths, lol? I know many similarly situated people that have succeeded, so don't give up!

Find a different school to apply to. I am sure you could find another program or another school that would offer the LPN track where you could complete a bridge program whe you are finished your LPN.

I looked it up and WA only has 5 (!!?!) LPN programs. That just seems crazy because in Oklahoma there are 49 campuses. I'm sure that speaks to WA preference for RN's. I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with your desired program. If you can't commute or relocate than it looks like your only option is to speak with the nursing academic advisor and go over your application point by point to see where you might be able to improve and become more competitive. Ditto to what Neo said also, make sure you have done everything possible for any available points on your application. Any certification or optional test is going to make a big difference. Which college is it that you are applying to, if you don't mind saying?

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