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Tacocat has 3 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Community/Public Health.

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  1. Tacocat

    Skipping assigned reading?

    Your entire med-surg course was only a few weeks?
  2. Tacocat

    New grad getting in trouble for weird things.. HELP

    Any job describing themselves as "like family" should be a red flag.
  3. Tacocat

    9-5 (or 8-5) shifts as a new grad possible?

    THIS THIS THIS. I never wanted to work in a hospital. I work outpatient at a FQHC and I love it.
  4. Tacocat

    Skipping assigned reading?

    What course is this? Is it nursing Fundamentals? Med-Surg? Nursing isn't just about memorization of facts. It's about application as well.
  5. Tacocat

    Skipping assigned reading?

    Seconding Saunders! It wasn't required for my program but the chapters highlighted the important stuff and the question banks were invaluable to study from.
  6. Tacocat

    Re take statistics?

    Probably. You'd want a more competitive score. Check with your program, though, and see how they weigh it. Some places only accept first attempt.
  7. Tacocat

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    At the risk of sounding mean...you can't start studying for NCLEX if you haven't even started the program. What material would you study, if you haven't had a class? You don't even know how to answer NCLEX-style questions yet. Start with learning you...
  8. Tacocat

    Handwritten Flashcards or Digital Flashcards?

    It depends on the class and what material you're studying. Sometimes I would write a question on the front and the answer on the back, or sometimes it would be a key vocabulary word and then the definition. I think in a previous post you mentio...
  9. Tacocat

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    What semester of school are you in? After I graduated, I took a mental break for a week or two, and then I did about 4 weeks of studying with UWorld while I waited for my ATT and booked my exam for the first available date.
  10. Tacocat

    Skipping assigned reading?

    How heavy are the chapters? And what course is it?
  11. Tacocat

    Handwritten Flashcards or Digital Flashcards?

    I personally found that hand-writing all my materials helped me to retain it better. I bought a pack of colored InkJoy gel pens and used those to write all my study notes and flashcards. Flashcards are also not for everyone. I preferred to writ...
  12. Tacocat

    5 Tips to Deal with Overly Competitive Classmates

    What may be best, seeing as you like to write columns, is an honest review of your own hardships in your classes with less a focus on your classmates and more of a reflection of your own part of the outcome. Getting caught up in the antics of y...
  13. Tacocat

    I don’t know if I want to be a nurse anymore

    My path was the same. Hoo boy I knew off the bat inpatient/bedside was not the job for me. I know that I'm lacking that floor experience and that will cost me opportunities in the future (as well as the better bedside pay) but I've traded that for th...
  14. Tacocat

    Seeking Advice! Failed 2-Year Program. Now What?

    How is that unusual? Prospective attorneys who graduate from law school still study for the bar exam. Prospective physicians study for the USMLE. The NCLEX is a relatively expensive, high-stakes exam that determines whether or not you're able t...
  15. Tacocat

    5 Tips to Deal with Overly Competitive Classmates

    Pre-reqs don't qualify someone to be a nursing student, getting into the program does. I remember walking into orientation for nursing school and meeting my cohort. None of them had been in any of my pre-reqs. Invest your time and energy into y...