Just a fun thread - Cleanest bathrooms on the road?


I have found that libraries has the cleanest and safest bathrooms and we have libraries in every small community in our county.

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Never thought of that but it is a good idea!


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Thanks for the library tip! Never thought of that. We could start a thread on the worst bathrooms, too!


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I must agree. I have stopped at a lot of libraries. LOL. CSB

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I don't work in Home Health, but in Summer of 2002, my son and drove x-country--9000 miles in 6 weeks. We used a LOT of public restrooms. By far the WORST one was in Eastern Washington State--a convenience store/gas station that just had 2 porta-potties. (this was after about 200 miles w/NO facilities whatsoever!) The 2nd worst was the next day in Idaho, again, a convenience store/gas station. We decided that if the rest room was out side of the store (around back, whatever), that was a bad sign; if you needed a key to get into it--even worse.

7/11 and Circle K's were good if they were in the store--presumably they were checked on more frequently. Chain restaurants were among the best.


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This was not the worst public bathroom I ever used, but it was definitely the worst in-home one. (I would use the pt. washroom in dire circumstances-and only those I knew were in pristine condition.)

Wrong! :chuckle

It was Friday afternoon at 5:00. I had two more clients to see. I was doing psych, spent almost an hour with a borderline client (who I thought I knew well). I got ready to leave, had my hand on the doorknob, but really had to pee. I asked her if I use her facilities. She told me to go right ahead.

Mistake! :chuckle

When I walked in to the washroom, it looked like a scene from "Helter Skelter"! There was fresh blood EVERYWHERE, the walls, floor, toilet seat, sink...like someone had been doing spatter painting with it. And we know who that was! :(

I was FURIOUS! (Just a little countertransference there! :( ) I came out of the washroom and confronted her. "Let me see what you did"...and in that sheepish, manipulative borderline way, rolled up her sleeves. I saw lacerations on both arms, none needing suturing, but definitely needing clean up and attention. Don't forget this is Friday at 5 with two more to go.

I asked her why she "forgot" to mention this behaviour during the regular hour I was just there. She in this little girl voice, "I didn't want you to be mad at me. I'm not suicidal, I'm just in terrible pain and this helped."

In my best "dealing-with-a-two-year-old" voice, I said, "I am not mad at you. I am mad at what you did and that you didn't tell me about it earlier." Aarrrgh!......:(

Anyway, I was one minute away from making a clean getaway and probably not having to deal with this. All I had to do was find the nearest McDonald's!

I never used a patient's washroom again. :rolleyes:


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you can usually count on the county court house and banks to have clean restrooms...there are no McDonalds etc. in the small towns i go to

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I always found Eckerd to have the best bathrooms around. Wendy's weren't bad either, I'd use them on the *rare* occasions I'd have time to eat!


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Never thought of libraries but the ones around here have no parking so I usually go to Walmart or a department store that I know has a facility near the door. FF places are clean but if there isn't a back door, they kind of give you pig looks when you don't buy any food from them. It never seems to fail that the urge to GO, and I mean GO, hits when way out in the boonies and even the trees are winking at you. Believe it or not, worked with an aide who finished giving a little old lady a complete bath and asked to use the bathroom. The woman replied, "absolutely not! I have to think of my own health." :rotfl:


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- If traveling over the road -- use the major truckstop chains (Truck Stop of

America, Flying -J, Petro, etc).

- They have parking for cars - lighted - and a lot safter than rest areas. NEVER use

a rest area at night if alone -- EVER!!!!. Was a trucker for 5 yrs -- you can't

believe the weirdos that hang/lunk out in those places -- and not an urban myth


- Another reason for truckstops. The big boys have learned that there is big $$ to

be made from the guy hauling his wife & kids across the country in a station


- These places have showers as well. Can get a "free" shower ticket if you fill up --

or just as a trucker for one. Usually we have too many and just throw extras in

the trash.

- These are private showers - with private restrooms - that are powerwashed after

every use. None of this chain gang style showers anymore. ALso, towels are


- ALso, have a TV Room. Can relax there if you want. THe sign says professional

drivers -- but no one cares as long as there is room and kids are under control.


- Regarding restrooms and phones. The big hotel chains -- really big ones like

Holiday Inn and Ramada -- will have decent size lobbies. You can use their

facilities -- and use phones there. Also big parking lot usually -- for parking semi's


- Stay away from McDonalds, and fast food chains. These can be awfully iffy.

- Worse comes to worse - - just carry a big roll of brawny paper towels and

do your thing along side the road. Done that a few times -- even in NYC when

stuck in traffic.

Gotta run,

John Coxey

Evansville (don't ask), Indiana, USA

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My son and I used the truck stops, too; but not the showers, etc. They were a great place to just take a break, shop, eat, potty. He couldn't believe all the CDs and audio gear they had, but did complain that there was too much country music! I had to explain that truckers LIKED country music! Those places were fun. One of the best was on I-40 in the New Mexico/Arizona area, can't remember exactly where it was. We had a fun trip; I'd do it again if I had the time/$$


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Sheetz, here in central pa are great!!!:rolleyes:

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