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nursesearl has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Home Care, Urgent Care, ER, Med Surg.

nurse for 30 years, presently work in Urgent Care

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  1. My husband is a hospice chaplain, and I am a home care RN. We have often thought about opening a comfort house, but have no idea how to go about doing it. There was a previous thread on this topic, but it was closed. We appreciate any help or any ide...
  2. Toradol IM injection

    I have always given Toradol in a large muscle because I was told many years ago that it needed to go there. I have recently tried to look this up and can not find any info on this. We had a patient in our Urgent Care that returned with a lump on his ...
  3. Could someone tell me the difference if there is any? Any different care of either? Mostly thinking of patients who have them at home. Thanks in advance for your help. Learn about the different types of feeding tubes.
  4. Wow, sounds like you guys did a great job! Can I come work for you? Lynn
  5. Starting new job on Monday - need advice.

    Best thing to do is ride with a HH nurse BEFORE you accept a position. HH is not easy. That's the only advice I could give you now.
  6. Can someone explain OASIS to me? Simply what does it mean?

    O-outcome, AS-assessment, I-information, S-set
  7. need help with BSN practicum

    Marina, Do you guys in Brooklyn realize there is an "upstate" to NY? HaHa! We are about 7 hours from you.
  8. Ideas for computer documentation system that works!

    3 systems that I know of- 3M (ClinDoc), McKesson, Lewis. I am only familiar with ClinDoc. If you got info from these companies, they could tell you what kind of computers you need. I can tell you from personal experience, the smaller the better. We a...
  9. need help with BSN practicum

    Marina, Sorry, I don't know of anything in that area. Let me know if you need any help if you need to come to Allegany County. Lynn
  10. need help with BSN practicum

    I used to work for the Allegany County Department of Health. Poorest county in the state, very rural. They do mostly home health. Quite a bit different than Brooklyn! Their number is 585 268 9250. PM me and I'll give you more details and names and pl...
  11. Help with new clinician orientation program

    OASIS education is on the CMS web site. It's long and boring, but good OASIS education.
  12. need help with BSN practicum

    Where in NY do you live? I know of several agencies in the southern tier who you could precept with.
  13. Neuro-vascular status

    I work in an Urgent Care in a small rural hospital and the nurse manager insists that we chart the above term when anyone has an injury to an extremity and after casting. The exact phrase is "neuro-vascular status intact." She used to chart it as "NV...
  14. Agencies for South Carolina travel

    I sent you a pm.
  15. Our agency recently changed to "pay per visit." I want to understand why this seems to be the trend in home health agencies. Our agency said that it is a motivator, trying to increase our productivity. I personally believe it saves the agency $. I wo...