Just had a Consent Agreement go into effect, I feel like I'm hanging in limbo

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Great idea, Mag!! GoTo - you ought to come to the recovery forum and chat with us there and share some of your insight to us when you feel ready. I'm there and I would love to be able to hear from you!

Anne, RNC

I too am sickend when I read your last post. I feel for you...I have had problems with depression, severe at times, since my husband died and realize that when I go back to work I will need to keep this part of me hidden, esp. if it is in any form of a nursing job (but I doubt I will ever be able to return). I post on allnurses.com to be able to view nursing at a distance as it will always be in my blood. Look around, and hopefully you will be able to find a job that fits you and is what you want to do, whether it be nursing or not.


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this has gone so far, it's unbelievable, scary and sickening!

i feel so angry for you!!!

so the advisers are not the payers, however here is what i would do if i were in your shoes:

-ask your "current" employer (i mean the one that just terminated you) to see the policy they "quote" for your dismissal. if it even exist, i would be surprised if it actually addressed your particular situation i.e "no restrictions".

- in my book, that would be one more company to sue! reason for the law suit :" wrongful termination and discrimination."

they should not get away with it!

- since you have more time on your hands now, try to use your anger as energy fuel to put together a law suit from hell for the 3 entities that wronged you: the bon, your previous employer, and this last employer. (and remember to be angry, not depressed! as a poster wrote, this speaks volume about them! it does not define you! and please do not believe one second that you are "damaged goods"!!!)

- please do not let this situation make you doubt yourself! you did nothing wrong, and you should be commanded for your courage in the face of adversity, and your insight and maturity for seeking professional help.

this is surreal! i still can't believe you got treated that way!

i am not knowledgeable in laws and regulations, but i would bet my head on the fact that the actions taken against you would not (and should not) be condoned by the laws of this country (or your state).

what state is that again? i just want to look into the online resources i can find about your particular state,bon, and even the different hospitals treating you in this shameful way.

if you don't feel comfortable posting this information publicly, please feel free to send me an email.

i don't pretend being able to help you much, but i would like to try anyway.

-what does your lawyer says about it all? do you trust that he/she is really doing everything that could be done?

i totally understand how run down you must feel, however i am begging you not to let it defeat you. once again, you haven't done any thing wrong.

i hope to read from you soon and will pray for you meanwhile (and search the web on every free moment i get!)

hang in there gotta girl!




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Hasn't the "Statute of Limitations" run on this?

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You're in my heart, thoughts, and prayers....


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Still unable to find employment as an RN. If I would have found a job as soon as this happened my probation would have been worked off my license..... I am becoming less and less hopeful so I decided to read my old posting to get the encouragement to get myself back there on the job market!


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GotoGirlRN: You are not alone! Please know that others have walked your walk and support you!!

It's been 2 1/2 years since this happened, and yet you're not through it yet! I'd go to the BON (or have your attorney do it, if she won't charge you). It seems to me that she didn't make things better for you, by suing the hoispital for its action, and the BON for deciding against you based on heresay. BON turnover might have brought others to their helm now, and they could reverse the "sentence" on appeal.

You have financial damages from lack of income, that should allow the lawsuit to be heard and won (with damages awarded to you), and that would get you in better shape in the wallet. First, though, evaluate what the attorney you hired originally has done for you. Then, if the result is nothing, get another one. The nurses in Texas who were sued by a physician they reported for abominable conduct, won their lawsuit but have to work far from their homes as the small community in which they were employed before all that, is unforgiving (probably because the physicians there bring in business for the local hospital, and they feel more vulnerable because a colleague lost the case against nurses...... That is in another thread here......

Remember AA's serenity prayer, "God grant me the.........." (oops I've forgotten it! google AA's serenity prayer, and you'll have it)

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God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to Know the Difference.

My mother lived bythat for 13 years, and it has helped me many many times since she passed.

I hope it can help you and give you some comfort as well.

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