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July 2019 Caption Contest: Poll - Select $100 Winner!

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Select your favorite caption(s)...

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  1. 1. And the $100 winner is...

    • It's time to take your sleeping pill.
    • Excuse me... have you seen my pen?
    • Excuse me… just checking in... Are you able to sleep ok?
    • Nurses are creatures of habit; they make bed checks...even at home!
    • Please wake up, I have all these wires to hook up before we start the sleep study!
    • When your patient finally stops screaming and falls asleep but it's time for his glucose check.
    • Are you sleeping? Good, sleep is so essential for healing! OK then, be back in an hour to wake you again!
    • It's 4 AM on a Saturday, Mom. I'm not Mr. Beasley and there are no meds to pass. You're on vacation, go back to bed!

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TriciaJ has 38 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory.

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Sorry.  I'm just going to look for my contact lens.

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spotangel is a MSN, RN and specializes in ED,Tele,Med surg, ADN,outpatient,homecare,LTC,Peds.

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Annie! Your break is over! They are sending up a patient from the ER to this bed!

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organichombre has 32 years experience and specializes in critical care, med/surg.

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Nurse blaq nailed that one...ROFLMFAO!

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