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  1. UCSF MEPN 2020

    I e-mailed SJ about this personally a few weeks ago! He told me either is fine, but keep in mind, it'd probably be easier on your reader if you bullet point since they'll be reviewing piles of other applications!
  2. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Yes! For the personal history statement, I explained a bit about my personal background (such as the world I come from) but, more importantly, I explained specific life experiences that have led to my decision to apply to grad school. I made sure to ...
  3. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    I was having transcript trouble myself and have stressed so much over it. I was in a similar spot - trying to get NursingCas to verify a summer class I had finished taking and had gotten my grade for at the start of this month. I can empathize with h...
  4. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi everyone, Resharing this Prezi presentation that someone posted previously. It's prepared by Sergio Saenz, Director of Outreach and Recruitment, from UCSF. This was publicly presented to students interested in applying to UCSF so I'm more than pos...
  5. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Hi everyone! I submitted my application a few days ago for this program. I hope everyone's doing okay with theirs!
  6. "Me and my alarm the night before a second 12-hour shift..."
  7. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Thank you, kmd1005! I notice the Prezi presentation from Mr. Saenz has a slide recommending that applicants put their specialty as part of their headers - on both the personal history and goal statements. I notice this doesn't match the directions ...
  8. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi everyone, About the goal statement, the instructions ask to "include your name at the top." Does anyone know if there's a specific format that this should be written in? Also, does anyone know if there are any font specifications? My goal statem...
  9. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Yes, I believe you do! I emailed the SON e-mail and a representative informed me they'd like all official transcripts to be received by the Aug. 1 deadline.
  10. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hey everyone! So glad to see a thread set up because UCSF is my first choice school. I'm planning to apply to FNP but am considering AGPCNP since FNP is notoriously competitive. I have connections with professors from the school, so I'm looking forw...
  11. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Hi Haron717, I believe what dlam is referring to are the second set of essay questions that follow the primary application. The statement of purpose and personal history statement are two additional essays that I've been told are a part of the secon...
  12. UCLA MECN Fall 2020

    Hi all! Glad to see there's a thread up for UCLA MECN 2020. I'll be applying this cycle, too. I went to UCLA for undergrad and had a great experience. I'd appreciate the opportunity to go back! Good luck to everyone, we can do this!
  13. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Hi Lulu! I'd e-mail the professors of these classes ahead of time to explain your situation. Grades aren't always released by the time a class ends, so it might be cutting it close. Though, if your professors are aware of your situation beforehand, m...
  14. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    Hi Asiyak44, I am actually in a similar position as you. I managed to find a short-term group communications class I decided to enroll in that ends 7/6. It worked with my schedule, and I figured if I can fit it in, then I should so that I can give my...
  15. UC Davis MEPN 2020

    My class ends on 7/14! Fingers crossed for the both of us!