what job did you first work after graduation?

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I'd be interested in hearing what both LPNs and RNs started out in. Sorry if this question has been asked before.

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MedSurg for me. I plan to stay for two years then move on to critical



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Oncology. I am not in Med-Surg.

Roy Fokker, BSN, RN

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I worked Ortho/Neuro/Med/Surg/Tele my first job.


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hey, i am turning out like roy fokker except for the ortho floor. as a new grad i am working in med-surg: tele/step down (i love this), neuro, and gi/endocrine and i also working on an er/obs unit (love this too) due to the structure/reorganization of my hospital. in any case trauma nursing is my passion... np in critical care is my educational goal. :twocents:


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I worked Ortho/Neuro/Med/Surg/Tele my first job.



I am on the Ortho-Neuro Med-Surg floor, with Tele patients also. :)


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Med-Surg. The floor had a lot of general medical but they also specialized in minimally invasive knee and hip replacement surgeries. Unfortunately just as I felt I was starting to "get it" after they had a reorganization of the floors and I had to start all over on an invasive cardiology floor 3 mos ago (post-cath, post-AICD implant, ACS etc. No open heart). I've been exceptionally lucky with both unit directors and I enjoyed both floors. I didn't expect to like med-surg so much.

I'd love to work in an ER though (28 years pre-hospital experience) but probably I'm too old to start there now.

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ED. :)


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PICU (and I'm now questioning it! lol)

NeoNurseTX, RN

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NICU and no regrets! I think if I started in med/surg that I wouldn't be a nurse right now...


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Just finishing my second year in the NICU. Very interesting and educational start to the profession...now I am going to be looking to get into the ER. Be like a new grad again, but the ability to satisfy my short attention span was one of the primary attractions for me to this profession.


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I am starting out in ICU, I love the the structure of the unit.

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