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I am looking for a job. I am sick of filling out job applications. Typing the same information over and over. There has to be a better way. It takes around 2 hours to apply to one job!


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Call HR or go in person. Use all and any contacts that you have. Ask them to put in a good word for you. No sure way to get a job. You just have to use all avenues. Good luck.

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I believe many of us can relate to your pain. It is a tiring process. I agree with the PP, get your resume together, throw on a professional outfit, and get out there. You can also try e-mailing your resume to recruiters and nurse managers. You'd be surprised at the amount of applications that never reach a human being. Best wishes.


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I can relate to this! Don't give up though. What helped me was to set a goal for each day (mine was 2 application per day). Also, it made it faster to have all of my information in front of me (references, etc) and I just customized the cover letter instead of starting from scratch. Sometimes, I felt so sick of applying and hearing nothing back that I just gave myself the day off and did something fun but inexpensive.

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Depending where in the US you are at, I would caution you about walking into HR without an appointment. If you are in an area with a real "nursing shortage" or if you are going to rural areas/hospitals that are not as busy or going to a nursing home, maybe it works. But in a large city or busy hospital, HR will ask if you have an appointment and if you don't they will just roll their eyes at you and tell you to apply online. Same if you try to walk onto a floor to speak to a manager, most will not be welcoming that you randomly walked in on their busy day. Emailing a recruiter or manager specifically (use Google to find the info) works better.

If you made good contacts during school, have them put a word for you.

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Time to hit the pavement. My 1st nursing job, I mapped out all of the LTC and SNFs in my area that was within a reasonable commute.

Had a stack of resumes and went and applied in person to every one that I could.

Some will direct you to apply online, but like my 1st job they called me a week later for an interview.

I learned when the hospitals posted new positions usually Friday night. You want to be within the 1st 30 who apply because after that HR generally doesn't look at any more applicants and to the reject pile you go.

Make finding a job your full time job.


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Someone told me that applying is like working a full time job. I found that out myself. It is just the way it is. Sometimes the stars lines up and you score an interview. I have no idea how I got the interviews but getting the interview was just the second step of a long and hard process.


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I feel your pain!!! Employment history takes the most time having to fill in dates, addresses, phone numbers, supervisors, etc. I actually created a Word document with all my details in one place. So all I have to do is copy & paste into those giant online job applications...then be sure to review it before submitting!

Hope that helps :cat:


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I found a job. I googled nursing homes in (small town where I live). I called the first one to ask if they had openings, they said yes, apply in person, the next day I had a job!