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  1. Forced To Change Shifts

    If your employment contract or offer states days then you are days. Doesn’t matter if the other new grad is more senior than you. if you were hired for nights but are doing days then they can probably force you to move to nights but if I were y...
  2. Old Foreign Grad (2013), No RN Experience. Want ICU residency

    Keep us updated on your career progress. And welcome back to the nursing world.👍
  3. New Grad Moving to Los Angeles

    I don’t think you will have a problem finding a job. Nurses are in short supply and in high demand. Even in the ER I work, we are hiring Tele and med surg nurses whom we will train. Before the Pandemic, we only hire experienced ER nurses. Not anymore...
  4. Old Foreign Grad (2013), No RN Experience. Want ICU residency

    To be blunt, you are correct, the chances of landing an ICU residency is pretty nil due to you being an old new grad. Why don’t you try telemetry or med surg. Nothing wrong in both specialties. Hospitals are desperate and you have a better chance the...
  5. Preceptor placement

    Unfortunately none of those will really prepare you for an ED position. ED is a completely different animal. The focus is so different in the ED vs Tele or medsurg. we are currently training a Tele RN into our ED and he is having some troub...
  6. Advice for a New Grad

    Those are not mistakes that warrants termination. They are mistakes a new grad is expected to make or at least they are mistakes that happen and serve as learning opportunities.
  7. Really good ADN program in SoCal?

    There is no guarantee you will get a job if you successfully complete an ADN program. There is also no guarantee you will get into an ADN program. Admission into any California ADN program is very competitive. You need 2 years of prerequisite clas...
  8. That’s too low. That’s what our ED tech /EMT makes per hour. Try to find something else. 5 years ago the starting pay for RN new grads was near the $40s per hour. oops sorry I didn’t see it was about nursing homes
  9. New Grad Los Angeles, CA

    When I was a new grad I worked at our local county jail. I would have been fine except for a couple of jerk correctional officers. I lasted only a few months. I did get a hospital job working med surg while I was working in the jail. I had a friend w...
  10. starting IV on same arm as a mastectomy

    20 years = should be ok with that arm. Did anyone try starting on both lower extremities. 2 days no abx is not good.
  11. Urgent: Need IV Certification for RN in Bay Area

    I think the poster said Home care or Home health. If so, there isn't much opportunity for her to practice.
  12. Advice for Interview with ED as a New Grad?

    New grad in ED in my opinion is not a good fit. You need some floor experience before getting into the fast paced environment. Codes, intubation, procedural sedation etc, will be the norm in the ED. The floor will allow you to build up confidence and...
  13. Fired from first hospital job

    Reporting the charge nurse to the manager ensures that you will have enemies. Your new to the unit, not a good idea to piss people off.
  14. Based from what I learned from friends in the HR, your masters degree is probably what's causing the zero response. Masters degree plus no experience means you are probably not going to stay a long time on the floor. Which to the hospital is wasted i...
  15. 6 patients on days on a med/surge floor too much

    Typical hospital horse manure. That's why I moved to the ER 4 to 1, DOU 3 to 1 and ICU 2 to 1. Life is easier in these departments