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  1. That’s too low. That’s what our ED tech /EMT makes per hour. Try to find something else. 5 years ago the starting pay for RN new grads was near the $40s per hour. oops sorry I didn’t see it was about nursing homes
  2. 13grad71

    New Grad Los Angeles, CA

    When I was a new grad I worked at our local county jail. I would have been fine except for a couple of jerk correctional officers. I lasted only a few months. I did get a hospital job working med surg while I was working in the jail. I had a friend who pushed my resume but it was the panel interview that made all the difference. What I did was I researched the hospital, in particular, studies they did and I discussed that during the interview and they offered me a job on the spot. They were quite impressed that I knew about the various studies they have made over the years. Thanks to Google I volunteered to work in all departments and in doing so I became marketable. I currently work in 2 different ED and have ahead offers from other EDs. I think they see that I’m flexible and they find that appealing.
  3. 13grad71

    starting IV on same arm as a mastectomy

    20 years = should be ok with that arm. Did anyone try starting on both lower extremities. 2 days no abx is not good.
  4. I think the poster said Home care or Home health. If so, there isn't much opportunity for her to practice.
  5. 13grad71

    Advice for Interview with ED as a New Grad?

    New grad in ED in my opinion is not a good fit. You need some floor experience before getting into the fast paced environment. Codes, intubation, procedural sedation etc, will be the norm in the ED. The floor will allow you to build up confidence and skills in a less stressful environment
  6. 13grad71

    Fired from first hospital job

    Reporting the charge nurse to the manager ensures that you will have enemies. Your new to the unit, not a good idea to piss people off.
  7. Based from what I learned from friends in the HR, your masters degree is probably what's causing the zero response. Masters degree plus no experience means you are probably not going to stay a long time on the floor. Which to the hospital is wasted investment
  8. 13grad71

    6 patients on days on a med/surge floor too much

    Typical hospital horse manure. That's why I moved to the ER 4 to 1, DOU 3 to 1 and ICU 2 to 1. Life is easier in these departments
  9. 13grad71


    Every time I go to my MD or children's MD, MA are always referred to as nurses, even by the MDs themselves. I just ignore it. It probably makes them feel better. However I do notice once they find out I'm an RN, they immediately stop.
  10. 13grad71

    How fast do you run blood?

    Like what others said in the ER in critical situations, we squeeze them, run em thru a rapid infuser anything to get it in quickly. On the floor I normally run them for 3 hours.
  11. 13grad71

    New Grad ER HELPPP!!!

    ER is different from ICU. You get a mix of patients ranging from actively dying patients to one who came in for superficial lacerations. If you can bounce from critical to non urgent without any trouble then the ER is for you. ER = Fast pace = Time Management = Adrenaline junkie
  12. 13grad71

    Old New Grad w/ 4 weeks orientation

    Go for it. The nursing skills will come back or can be relearned. Hospital jobs aren't easy to come by. The transition period will be hard but that is expected
  13. 13grad71

    New RN looking to quit floor nursing?!

    If you intend to work in a hospital environment such as in the ED where you said is your ultimate goal, there you ought to suck it up until you are marketable for a different department. Quitting now will make send you to the no hire wasteland.
  14. 13grad71

    Help!! New Grad in SoCal

    CMH at Ventura County starts their new grad app in November. I used to live in VC and I know for a fact CMH hires new grads even if you don't go thru their new grad program. Tip -> Submit your application directly to the floor managers in person. Go thru each floor and look for the managers office. They are very accommodating except ICU and ER coz those depts need experience, as I was told. My friend got her job at Tele floor doing just that, turning in her app in person. They are building a new hospital and it's almost done and ought to need nurses, as I was told. Check out St Johns at Oxnard, VCMC at Ventura and other small hospitals. St John's also stars their new grad program in Nov or Dec. Good luck
  15. 13grad71

    New Grad RN, Orange County

    You haven't even graduated, applying would be a waste of your time. There are so many applicants for a new grad position by newly licensed RNs that your application would be simply ignored especially in SoCal
  16. 13grad71

    No job offer post internship

    Going to a specialty/critical care unit as a new grad is always fraught with risk. The learning curve is simply too steep. Before I started working in the ER I was a floor RN doing Med Surg, Telemetry and DOU. Even with that experience I found the transition to the ER challenging. The pace was simply insane. We have had new grads on our ER but the failure rate for them was high. I would highly suggest working the floor first to get your nursing experience and to learn time management. The ER is simply too emergent for new RN. The floor has the stability to nurture new RNs

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