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I work at the BEST hospital In the state. Every pedi nurse wants to work here. I went to school dreaming of working here.....and I do. BUT I'm on the night shift and it's killing me. I have small children and it just doesn't work. It's been a year that I have roughed it out, but after several day shift openings and not being brought on.....I'm starting to give up. They hire outside folks instead of bringing the nt shift to days...slap in the face!!

A pedi hospital down the road is hiring for day shift....should I go? I really like my job, and I know as a bedside nurse that can be few and far between. But I'm physically suffering as well as my family.

Thoughts and opinions? Thanks.

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If you're in Indianapolis- yes, come 'down the street' we'd love to have you!


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I would also make the move

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Do it. :eave on good terms. Eventually you can hire back on days (if you want to) and leave the nites to the other new grads.


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You can always get another job. You cannot get another family.

Keep the question simple, and the choice is clear ;)


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Aww Thanks for the replies


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Oops, and I was going to say make you wants and needs known and try to stick it out another few months. I don't know, it always seems as soon as I leave a job, that is when the job I REALLY wanted opens up.

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Your manager is more interested in staffing the night shift instead of doing the right thing.

Your body can't handle midnights, and the shift does not work for your family.

Take the day shift spot. The "best" hospital in the state is using you.


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My wants and needs are known. I've emailed managers. Applied for open positions. Spoke face to face. Manager says I'm on a wait list in line behind others from nights who want days.....well the other manager says that isn't true. They aren't pulling nt shift up because they don't want all newbies running the nt shift. So I've seen them hire some new outside people to days which is a slap in the face. But INm love the job. I applied to the new hospital.....then I'll see what happens.