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PghRN15 has 2 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

Nursing was a second career for me. I moved to Pennsylvania and became a CNA for about 18 months, then I became an LPN and I have newly graduated with my RN. I work for a large hospice in Western Pennsylvania ad I have been with them since I have been a CNA.

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  1. Nursing diagnosis

    Do you have a NANDA book? That was my go to in nursing school. Keep it simple, they are just trying to teach you the process. I have honestly never used sleep deprivation.
  2. Would You Report Me for This?

    Agree with everyone else. It is outside the scope of practice for a CNA to ensure medication was taken. You have to witness the patient taking the pill.
  3. Drug seekers

    As a hospice nurse I have given Dilaudid 1mg every 10 minutes at times. I know that this is not a comparison, and yes we use the concept that pain is indeed what the patient says it is. If a patient has chronic pain, his or her vital signs may not ch...
  4. Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    I am. I have 40 units to complete
  5. RN or LPN?

    We have a few LPNs that work inpatient and in the field, but we hire more RNs.
  6. Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    Hi I am starting 11/1/15. I also have 40 cu to finish.
  7. For those of you who started outside of the hospital

    I started out as a CNA with a hospice agency, I worked as an LPN with the same hospice agency and now I am an RN with them as well. I have never done anything outside of hospice care. I am okay with that because that is where my heart is. I do often...
  8. A Letter to The View

    Nicely done
  9. Nurses don't know the lab

    It sounds like a major inferiority complex.
  10. New job. Help!

    I work inpatient hospice GIP. It is all I have ever done as a CNA, LPN and now RN. We are a 12 bed unit with 2 RNs, 1 LPN and 1 CNA. In my opinion the biggest skill needed will be physical assessment and teaching. You will continually use the nursi...
  11. Hello out there......anybody there?

    The company I work for has an IPU. I work there and in the field. We are a small unit, 12 beds. We are not a hospice house but a short term symptom management unit. Very few hospices in my area have inpatient units.
  12. I attended the Hurst Review in August. I paid $350. I attended with 3 of my classmates. I passed NCLEX the first time in 75 questions. I was the only one of us that passed the first time. Hurst had a lot of good content. I see that it had potential...
  13. WGU RN-BSN October 2015 start date

    October here also!
  14. PVT: Question of Character?

    I have been asked about the PVT and I simply state that it is unreliable. My results were on the SBON within 28 hours. I have a nurse friend that took her NCLEX about 20 years ago. She had to wait 6 weeks for mailed results. Imagine that....... T...

    I did a clinical rotation for my LPN - RN program. It was awful. Understaffed and mean employees that went out of their way to NOT be helpful. It was so bad that at one point my clinical instructor instructed us to give report and pulled us from the ...