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Hey everyone,

I've been a med/surg nurse for 2.5 years. Yesterday my DON called me into her office to tell me the hospital had another nurse educator position open and she thought I should apply. I feel honored that she thought about me and recommended me for the position. I went home and talked to my husband about it. He thinks I should do it. There will most likely be an increase in pay and it will be a M-F job working 40 hrs per week. (instead of 36).

Well I thought it wouldn't hurt to send in my resume and maybe find out more information about the position. So i sent in my resume and literally within 10 minutes I was on the phone with the director's secretary. They want to interview me tomorrow!

I just don't know if I am ready to leave patient care. And do I really want to work M-F and give up all my free time? Oh decisions decisions. I don't want to pass up a great opportunity to advance my career but I'm really nervous.

Any advice or comfort would be greatly appreciated. :mad:

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Do you love to teach? Do you love the idea of being able to impact how things are done, not from a policy standpoint, but being able to teach the young ones how to do it right??

It's a lot of lesson planning, and writing of objectives. Your communication and computer skills, if not already excellent, will need to become so. And you have to have the ability to make a pile of steaming....stuff (*grin*) palatable.

Sounds like they really want you. Congratulations. :)

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Well I've been a preceptor pretty much since I started nursing. I am passionate about providing excellent nursing care and doing things the right way. Especially doing things based on the most recent evidence based practice. I want the new nurses to do things right and it drives me crazy when people do things the old way, rather than the best way.

But I'm also a doer. I like to do things and I love adrenalin. I don't in vision many adrenalin rushes being a nurse educator. And I'm also afraid if I leave patient care now I may never go back. And I do like patient care, that is why I became a nurse. But I'd hate to pass up an advancement opportunity like this. Because ultimately I would like to be a DON. But I wasn't expecting any type of advancement for a long time. I mean I've only been a nurse 2.5 years...

Oh I'm so indecisive.

leslie :-D

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that is quite the honor, tiger.

as kitten stated, you really need to enjoy teaching when considering this position.

it is 4 extra hrs/wk, so it's not a heck of a lot less free time.

i do know of many nurses who have left the bedside, that eventually end up missing it...

but these were nurses that enjoyed it while they were there.

and boy, they called you back awfully soon, yes?

my only concern is i hope they're not desperate in getting the position filled.

do you know the other nurse educator?

if so, have a 1:1, and feel him/her out.

best of everything to you!

this could be the continuation of something even more beautiful.:nurse:


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I think if you are setting your sites on higher level management, this may be a good intro to the complexity of working with all nursing departments, recognizing their needs, and negotiating their difficulties, all the while keeping the hospital's needs and rules in mind.

You are not stuck in the position forever if it doesn't turn out to be a good fit for you.

Good luck

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Our hospital actually has a lot of nurse educators. (maybe 6) Each educator is over 1-2 units. I'm sure I'd be assigned to a specific area. I'm very well acquainted with the nurse educator assigned to my unit. I'm very fond of her and think she would be awesome to work with. I haven't had time to talk to anyone because I just found out about the job Monday and sent my resume today. My director told me they were about to start interviewing and that they asked her if she knew of anyone that would be good for the position. Just to make sure they have a good group of applicants I think. There is a good chance I won't even get the position. They were starting interviews this week so I think that is why they called me back so fast.

But either way I feel honored to be considered for the position. And I think it will be good to get my name out there with the higher ups. I have 2 interviews tomorrow. The first is with all of the nurse educators and the second is with all the directors. So we'll see.....


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Go for it. It's not like you can't go back.


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How exciting for you.

Good luck in deciding and with your interview!


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If you don't want to do it, don't do it. Problem solved.

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I say go for it. You can always go back to the bedside if you want to.


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Hey Tiger!

Be terribly, terribly careful here. You ARE in very dangerous territory.

I'm not a Nurse...I abandoned the thought some time ago, and am limited to occasional bomb-throwing here on this fine forum.

I cannot tell you how many times I've witnessed "instructors" that simply did not have a clue.

As practitioners they were first-rate. But they could not teach their way out of a paper bag, with the bottom cut out. Now, there's no shame in that...not everyone is destined to instruct.

Do you remember when you were a "student"? When you looked / listened to an instructor and wondered...*** are YOU doing INSTRUCTING? You're a frigging bitter-assed moron!

DON'T be one of those...if after time you find you are becoming one of those...just leave.

If not, remember that you are now held to a higher standard (as if Nursing isn't a high enough standard).

Cheerleading is hard. Especially when you have a challenging "student".

I remember when I taught Karate to a "troubled" student. He eventually advanced to the next belt.

At the advancement ceremony, he told me:

"I learned more from you than anyone else, ever."

At first I was this:


Then when I was alone I was this:



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What a wonderful honor!! And the fact that you were called 10 minutes later...makes me wonder if they were watching for your resume. (They were told about you:)

I would go thru the interview process and see where it leads. Then weigh all the pros and cons.

You can always go back to bedside care, but opportunities like this don't come along every day.

2.5 years!! Wow. What a wonderful compliment for even the veteran nurse but even more so for someone fairly fresh. You should be proud.

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