Is my school the only one???

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Quick question, I noticed that a lot of people have waiting lists and very competitive app process. I'm curious as to what number students everyones' school takes a year, and how many applicants there were

I ask because I just found out my school takes 64 2X a year and they only had 64 applicants this semester and less than that last semester!


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My school takes 120 fall and spring semesters and I think there might be a short waiting list. I got right in though. I think here in this area there are several schools for nursing and that could be why it's quicker.


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You guys are lucky.

My school only has 20 spots and over 100 applicants.


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275 applicants for 40 spots once a year. It's a branch campus of a University so it's small. Very competitive because it's one of two ADN programs in my area. No waiting list though. You must re-apply every year and be re-evalutated if you didn't get in the prior year. You also must apply a year ahead of time, so it's a horrible year of rumors, waiting and nerves.


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Having other nursing schools is a good point, there is the University and a State Uni, plus I live in a city where tourism and Hotel/casino mngt is more of the focus for students who move here.


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Hi, I belive its over 200 now for only 50 slots UGH!! Im not looking forward to it, and IF I dont get awesome grades I wont get the points necessary to be accepted ARRGGHH!!


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Over 400 applicants for 110 spots. There is no waiting list, you have to reapply each semester. The lowest GPA they took last semester was a 3.4.


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Mine takes a class of 30, 3 quarters a year, and got over 300 apps for fall quarter. Guess that's about 1000 applications per year, and they accept 90. Sheesh. Better odds in Vegas, huh?


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My school in michigan takes 160 something a year and the waiting list is 500. eeks. I think I should move to VEGAS!!!!!!!!


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800 applicants for only 80 spots! That means only 10% get in!


starting in 6 weeks!


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WOW. I'm so suprised by the number of people applying to nursing schools! Reading these posts make me very thankful! We were planning to move next summer but have decided to post pone that move, as much as I hate Vegas, I know I can stick it out until I'm done with school!

Good luck to all of you, I hope you all get in and don't have to wait too long!!



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no, there is not a waiting list where i am. one does have to reapply each year you would like to be considered for entrance to the program.

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