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Hi all!

As a nursing student, I was wondering how many of you feel that OB nursing is your "calling"? Are there any other areas of nursing you are/were interested in? And what makes this nursing specialty so appealing to you?



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WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT it is my CALLING! It's a long story, if you are interested, let me know! I believe it IS a calling for most....but dont' speak for ALL!


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I could never work any other area of nursing! Women's Health was the trigger for me, my "calling" if you will, and it's all that will keep me in nursing. Seriously, I would work at Target before I'd work another specialty.

Not that working at Target would be all that bad.....



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I love Target.

If you worked there, Heather, could I use your discount?


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Of course Reb! 10% off for everyone!




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I'd love to hear your story, Debbie. :) You can post it or just email it to me someday. My addy is [email protected].

to everyone else- Ha! How funny! The last *real* job I had was working at Target. I quit after 3 weeks because middle managment was treating me like crap. We weren't allowed to talk to our co-workers while stocking shelves. :rolleyes: I don't think all targets are like that, and i love to shop there, but i'll be on the OTHER side of the check out counter from now on!


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Originally posted by Swiftee

Hi all!

As a nursing student, I was wondering how many of you feel that OB nursing is your "calling"? Are there any other areas of nursing you are/were interested in? And what makes this nursing specialty so appealing to you?


I'm responding to your question PRIOR to reading anyone else's comments.....then I will read the other's comments. I knew very early on in the nursing program that I NEVER wanted to be an OB nurse. :nono: Just knew it was NOT for me, although after I became a licensed RN, I did float to OB (Post-Partum) and GYN-Surgery at times. I've also worked Newborn Nursery and Pediatrics which are two of my favorite areas to work besides adult surgery units.

I've always wanted to be a doctor and perform surgeries, so that's probably why I like stuffing body cavities full of solution and gauze....pulling staples from incisions, dressing wounds...the deepr the better.....etc. :chuckle

I've enjoyed my stay with the infants and tykes as well....didn't think I would, but they grew on me.....the little darlings. :kiss :D


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I didn't realize that I would absolutely love OB intil after I was trained and worked for a year or so. It took that long for me to be able to feel a little more comfortable and relax a little more during stressful situations. As a student, you don't need to know where your 'calling' is just yet. Why not experience as many things in nursing as possible? Nursing offers so much in many different my suggestion is....Dive into the whole realm of nursing and experience as many things as possible. Your niche or 'calling' will reach up and grab you when you least expaect it!



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I feel nursing is definitely a calling to do it for any other reason you will not be happy and will not make as good a nurse as you possibly could be.I feel this is even more so with L&D/OB area.

i was interested in ER,OR,ICU and Psych, i worked them all then went back to my first love and true calling which is L&D. It is the area i thought i would like the least but my instructor i college had seen something in me in that area that i did not realize i had. she encouraged (hell basically forced) me to give it a try. and i am forever indebted to her for it.

i love helping people working with the families bring new life into the world,teaching,helping families cope with loses and the technological challenges of L&D as well as the basic natural aspect of birth. there is nothing i would rather do. I know this is not an area for everyone. i think just a select few can actually be great in this area and that is the ones with the true calling to it. nursing has a lot of options to offer, try and investigate them all before choosing and try and find your calling you will be glad you did. good luck !


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While taking pre-req's I met a lot of young nursing students who were interested in OB even before clinicals. I hope they make it:)

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OB is definitely a "calling" type of specialty. The only other specialty I felt I really belonged in was Psych...I think it is very closely related to OB in alot of ways. I really don't want to take care of "sick" people. Don't alot of OB nurses feel this way?


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I never use the word calling because it seems like what nuns have for their profession, not me. But I know OB is where I am meant to practice. I love that I get to know my patients and share in an incredible experience. I always say OB isn't always happy, but it is always meaningful.

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