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Is it possible to take the NCLEX-RN for NJ in PA?

I looked at the scheduled sites in Pearsonvue for a closer venue for taking the test since im over in Jersey.

My first choice was to take it in AC since my friend was going to accompany me but then I had to change my test date because of a personal inconvenience... AND I STARTED PANICKING SINCE I FEEL UNPREPARED!! Has anyone felt this way?? Any advice?? I'm almost at my wits end here..

so I'll be taking it at a later date (need an opinion bout that too). I saw that there's available testing in the Philadelphia area so I'm thinking of taking it there..... so here are my questions......

(please answer ASAP!! i need opinions!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!)

1.) if I take my NCLEX-RN in Philadelphia would it still be the NJ state boards that I'm testing for?

2.) should I take the NCLEX-RN in 8 days or reschedule it later in the month and just get it over with?

please i need you guys!!

Silverdragon102 specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

As long as the center does NCLEX then you can sit it in any center as long as you have a valid ATT. The results will go to your BON

I have been looking around on Google for information regarding testing.

I would hate to take it again for that awful reason that I took it in the wrong state. :(

Sun0408 specializes in Trauma Surgical ICU.

NCLEX is national. I took mine is NC but am registered in SC.. Going to NC was closer for me. You can take the test in any of the states and the results/being licensed will go to the state you put on your application which is NJ.

A few friends of mine went to vagas and took there exam there while on vacation but are registered in SC..

Your can take the test anywhere you want, even at overseas sites. The results go to the state that you designated. You need to evaluate whether or not you feel prepared. If you are not, then consider rescheduling, but only do it once. You don't want to get into the bad situation of putting it off. Good luck.

I am from DE, but I took my NCLEX in Philly because the wait was so long in DE. You can take it anywhere.

If you truly feel unprepared, then you should reschedule it. However, if you are only doing it because you are anxious, then don't. It will only make it worse and make you more anxious!


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