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  1. motivationalwanted

    NCLEX-RN Review -- Which review to take?!?!

    I recently found out I did not pass my exam. After weeks of accepting that fact, I am eager to tackle this baby down a second time. I've taken the KAPLAN course with my class post-graduation but it didn't seem to help me very much. Now I plan on taking what I've learned in Kaplan (re-review it) and also take up another review. I've heard mixed reviews about Hurst & Feuer. By experience, who have taken either Hurst or Feuer, I'd really appreciate feedback on your take on these two NCLEX reviewers. I sat in for a mini Fluid & Electrolyte review for Hurst at the SNA convention in AC earlier this year and I thought they were amazing! My mom has taken the Feuer review for her nclex-rn back in the 80s. And she finds them amazing also. So... I really have no idea which one to take >, Maybe, I'll hit the bookstore and purchase a Hurst Book first before getting on the course. (is there much difference between just purchasing the book & the online review for HURST?) How good is Feuer? Hurst? -- on question analysis? --on topic reviewal? I'm a visual & auditory learner. I retain more information hearing it than reading it. so.... anyone want to assess my situation and kindly give me feedback?? plsssssss i am in need of your help. opinions welcome. and thank you!
  2. motivationalwanted

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Hi all! I tried the PVT tricks and i didn't get the pop up... but my name is on the BON listed as "pending." does that mean i passed or failed?? anyone have any idea what this means? >, also... in NJ, how long does it usually taking for results from NCLEX-RN get sent if you don't choose the quick results option? thanks everyone!!
  3. motivationalwanted

    Is it possible to take the NCLEX-RN for NJ in PA?

    I have been looking around on Google for information regarding testing. I would hate to take it again for that awful reason that I took it in the wrong state.
  4. motivationalwanted

    September test takers

    im scheduled for the 9/9 too!!!!!!! but i just feel way too anxious. im wondeirng if i should change my test date to a later date in Sept. i need opinions!!!!!!!!!!
  5. motivationalwanted

    Is it possible to take the NCLEX-RN for NJ in PA?

    I looked at the scheduled sites in Pearsonvue for a closer venue for taking the test since im over in Jersey. My first choice was to take it in AC since my friend was going to accompany me but then I had to change my test date because of a personal inconvenience... AND I STARTED PANICKING SINCE I FEEL UNPREPARED!! Has anyone felt this way?? Any advice?? I'm almost at my wits end here.. so I'll be taking it at a later date (need an opinion bout that too). I saw that there's available testing in the Philadelphia area so I'm thinking of taking it there..... so here are my questions...... (please answer ASAP!! i need opinions!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!!) 1.) if I take my NCLEX-RN in Philadelphia would it still be the NJ state boards that I'm testing for? 2.) should I take the NCLEX-RN in 8 days or reschedule it later in the month and just get it over with? please i need you guys!!