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NCLEX-RN Review -- Which review to take?!?!


I recently found out I did not pass my exam.

After weeks of accepting that fact, I am eager to tackle this baby down a second time.

I've taken the KAPLAN course with my class post-graduation but it didn't seem to help me very much.

Now I plan on taking what I've learned in Kaplan (re-review it) and also take up another review.

I've heard mixed reviews about Hurst & Feuer.

By experience, who have taken either Hurst or Feuer, I'd really appreciate feedback on your take on these two NCLEX reviewers.

I sat in for a mini Fluid & Electrolyte review for Hurst at the SNA convention in AC earlier this year and I thought they were amazing!

My mom has taken the Feuer review for her nclex-rn back in the 80s. And she finds them amazing also.

So... I really have no idea which one to take >,<.>

Maybe, I'll hit the bookstore and purchase a Hurst Book first before getting on the course. (is there much difference between just purchasing the book & the online review for HURST?)

How good is Feuer? Hurst? -- on question analysis? --on topic reviewal?

I'm a visual & auditory learner. I retain more information hearing it than reading it. so.... anyone want to assess my situation and kindly give me feedback??


i am in need of your help. opinions welcome. and thank you!

Live and online reviews are not necessary for most people. Take what you know about the different reviews and use your own judgement to decide which is best for you. No matter which review you attend, your success depends more on the work you put into preparing once the review is over. Good luck.

I'm currently enrolled in hurst review. I love it!

I am using Judy Millers DVD's because I like you are a visual learner she really is helping me alot,,I too am wondering if I should take a review class..But I really dont want to spend the money if I dont need too,,keep us posted!!:nurse:

For me, I thought Kaplan was worth it! Every penny of it!

i took hurst and failed the nclex the first time. i found the review to be really helpful, but it is just a refresher on information that you should have learned in school (whether your school teachers taught it or not). i don't think the covered application very well and that's what the nclex is about. i did by the review book after failing the exam, and it is similar to the class, but there is so much more content learned in the class than the review book.


Has 1 years experience.

The Hurst review helped me to pass NCLEX when I decided to finally take the boards.....15 years out of school. Yes, it its a REVIEW of things you should already know, but Marlene spends a bit of time helping you think about NCLEX along the way...she emphasizes things like:

-If you've never heard of something, don't pick it!

-This is a safety test and every question has a potential death in it

-pick the KILLER answer

This type of advice is sprinkled in with the content. She does an excellent job of reviewing content, providing you with 'tricks' to remember things and then giving you testing tips at the exact time that you are overwhelmed with info, so that she keeps your interest. She's amazing.

I sometimes see people here who said that they did not pass after taking the Hurst Review, but keep in mind that attending a review class (any review class) is not enough to make you pass. You *have* to study and know the material they present.

Hurst aims at sifting through the 2 years of material of nursing school, and presenting you with the MOST important topics covered on the nclex. They don't necessarily cover everything, and its not in exhaustive detail. Its about MASTERING a small amount of material and using it to answer the questions you know, as well as things you've never heard of before.

I highly, highly recommend Hurst....and I'm so glad I read someone else's post that did the same that helped me make that decision...its been the best money I've ever spent!