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Hi all! I have a question for all the working nurses right now. Here is my dilemma. I am a student and I work as a nurse Intern in a large hospital now and love the fast-paced environment of the ER. I want to work there when I graduate. I also live near a very small hospital which has a small psych unit that I would like to work in. Is it possible to work part-time at each hospital? They are two different organizations who are kind of "arch-enemies" in the health care field. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome!!!! Thanks!!!!


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Why would you do this? just wondering. Were it me, given the details you have sketched here I would not do it. Nope. Good luck in your decision.

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I'm with you Debbie...Why on earth would you want to tackle both these facilities when you state how much you enjoy and are learning at the first hospital in ER? :confused: Perhaps after you become a lot more seasoned as a nurse, then could swing a part time and full time job, but while you are so young in your nursing career, your focus should be given to one job so you can learn that job well. If you really need the part-time money...WalMart_ADN on our BB can get you a job at WalMart! Can't you WalMart_ADN? :chuckle :kiss


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l agree with above posts whole hearted...if you love ER, this is a good place to get a variety of nursing skills...a little bit of everything...even advice would be to start there or a good med-surg unit.....good luck.....LR


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I would check with each facility and explain your feelings. Then I would apply at both. Who knows, only one might call you. Then if both called I would again explain my feelings and work part time at both. You'll be a new grad and might not ever have this opportunity again. Besides, what if you absolutely hate one? Then you'd have the other to pick up more hours. Good luck. Shygirl


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Your first couple of years as a staff nurse are going to be intense. Pick one place you'd prefer, I'd look at who has the better working conditions quite frankly, and stick with that one. This "shortage" isn't going away anytime soon and then you can do the 2 part time deal at each if you so choose.

Best of luck!!


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Please check with where you are now....I know at my hospital, I'm not permitted to work at a 'competing' hospital. It could go against 'policy' for you to work for both and it would be terrible if you were to work for both...they find out and then get fired from both!! (how terrible!!)

Just check with HR of both places.....

Good luck with your choice. I work at 2 different hospitals, but they are owned by the same company.....


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Thank you for all your responses, especially NannaNUrse. I will definetly check it out with HR. I knew that working at two different places might be frowned upon but I had no idea I could get fired for it! Thanks for the heads up and the advice all!!

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There are some nurses I work with who work in 2 different hospitals. I might go that route when I have a little more experience. I've been out of school for a little over a year now. I'd be careful about taking on too much at first. Speaking as someone who went to ER as a new grad, it's going to be tough for awhile. Especially in a larger, busier ER. But, ya never know. It could work. Just depends on the jobs, and your own self. Good luck! :)


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Two RIVAL HOSPITALS???? for a GRADUATE NURSE???? sounds like a lot more than one should try to take on the first year! Just what I am thinking....sure apply both places, but I would NOT want to tackle both at the same time. Me thinks it would be trouble.


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Jessjoy, when you first come out, you are going to be extremely overwhelmed working at even ONE hospital. The reality shock can be very painful. Plus, two part-time jobs would probably preclude the overtime pay that you would get just working full-time at one. If you're like many new grads, you're probably still "financially challenged" from all that time spent in school. The competitive aspect would also be difficult to overcome, and the divided loyalties can be an additional complication. Please, please don't set yourself up for failure during this vulnerable time. Thoughts, prayers and kisses are with you. :kiss Jeannie

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Heed the advice of these intelligent people. If you should decide to work both places, check the hospitals' policies. Some places won't allow you to have a "second job". At least that's the way it's done here in FL(voting capital of the world)

Good luck, life is too short to put yourself through such tough decisions



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