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Is My Career Over?

Hello, All:

I received the results from my hospital adminstered glucose test today, and my doctor told me that I have diabetes. Will this prevent me from becoming a nurse, especially an OR nurse?


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I know quite a few diabetics who lead perfectly healthy and normal lives. Your diabetes should NOT stop you from doing and being whatever you wish. Just take care of yourself, follow the dr orders and keep scrupulous control of your sugars, and you will be FINE!!!!

Take care of yourself and follow your dreams!

There is very little that will stop a nursing career, even HIV.


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NO, as a matter of fact now that you know about your diabetes you will probably be healthier than you were before you knew it.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the support. I have an appt. with my doctor on this upcoming Monday to see what the next steps will be. She is going to schedule me to take the A1c test before she decides what type of treatment regimen I will have to undertake.

I was diagnosed with Type I in my first year of university/nursing school I was 19 at the time. I htought that it was the end of my life, truthfully I did.

I had help with a dietichan and my dr. but i am currently fully controlled. i was told once i was controled we could start talking about an insulin pump. I would like on but would liek to wait until school is finished in may.

I have had only one low glucose level while in clinical after being diagnosed, it was a busy day and it all jsut slipped my mind. I have to be carefull about treats at the nurses station and make sure that I carefully control my blood glucose throughout the day.

hope that helps


One of the best nurses I know has Type 1 diabetes.

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We have surgeons and nurses that are diabetic, and they do just fine. We keep glucose tabs in all of our rooms sealed in plastic, just in case.


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I am diabetic also. Found out many many moons ago. Type 2. Oh, and to dispell the myth that Type 2 ONLY happens to overweight persons: I weighed 98 lbs when diagnosed at age 26-I weigh much more now! In nursing school I was educated that only obese persons were Type 2. I had to do get proof from my MD, as my instructors did not believe me. I really don't understand the mechanisms, but I try to never make assumptions about a person and their disease processes. You know what they say about assumptions.....:rolleyes:

Are you a person who gets very shaky hands when you BG drops a little bit? That is the only thing I think you would need to be concerend about and even then only if you were working in a situation where you have to have the steadiest of hands (OR?). Really though I would expect that you could get control and work it out. I say this as someone who gets hypoglycemic and get the shaky hand thing at times. (not diabetic though). Good luck!

Good luck with your career, i'm also diabetic, and hoping to become a nurse.

Here in the UK I know two nurses who are Type 1, one is a charge nurse.

NO WAY! I worked with a wonderful nurse who has and insulin pump. You need to take care of yourself and follow doctors orders. There's no skipping snacks or lunch because you are "too busy." Let your manager know this information too. Good luck.

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