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  1. LisaCRN05

    "Made Incredibly Easy" series

    The only reason why I mention that is I went to school with a couple of people that flunked a couple of tests because they thought they had simplified their studies. I even get Nursing Made Incredibly Easy magazine and love that too!
  2. LisaCRN05

    "Don't waste your time getting your BSN..."

    Whatever fits into your lifestyle. I am not getting my BSN but started with my ADN because it was quicker for me to get into the field. Do your comparisons, see what fits. Good luck! The one definite thing I can say is no matter what, CONTINUE.
  3. LisaCRN05

    Rich nurses?

    Wouldn't you have to convert Australian dollars to American dollars before making an analysis? Before I started doing agency, I made more money not as a nurse, in a doctor's office with flexibility, the ability to urinate when I had the urge, no weekends, holidays and my hands weren't cracked from handwashing so much.
  4. LisaCRN05

    "Made Incredibly Easy" series

    These books are a great series. They are fun to read! You can't just use these books though, you really need to refer to the text books you have and use these guides as a helpful tool to understand. Good luck!
  5. LisaCRN05

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    "Some kind of wonderful" (that's what nurses are haha) and in the same song "Can I get a witness?" (to wasting a narcotic). This is fun! I think that is Grand Funk.
  6. LisaCRN05

    Agencies in Rhode Island

    NursesPRN pays really well (1-888-830-8811), DSG (Diversified Staffing Group) 401-453-4829. Good luck!
  7. LisaCRN05

    Favorite Nurses?

    Worked for them in Rhode Island. I was not impressed at all either. I had been warned by someone that they are not consistent and that is true. Feel them out and see. Don't forget that you can join more than once agency. That is what I did.
  8. LisaCRN05

    Calling all Massachusetts nurses

    dsgworld.com - Diversified Staffing. I live in Mass and the office I called was in RI. They were able to send me to LTC facilities in both states. The pay is good and they are very friendly! Good luck!
  9. LisaCRN05

    Do you regret clinic nursing?

    It's funny you ask that question. I have been a nurse for a year and a half and have tried oncology, long-term care, travel assignments and I have been offered a job in a pedi office. Here I am a week away and am already hired at the VA to start Monday. I keep thinking I will miss the floor nursing but part of me thinks 5 weeks vacation, 10 paid holidays, true pension...is that worth more? But clinical was NOT a regret. I learned soooo much. Getting that experience in allows you to feel more confident about applying for different jobs (like I did). You can always try something and if you don't like it, you can always go back to the hospital. Good luck!
  10. LisaCRN05


    I had a friend who had every nursing tool available. She had all those books about getting straight A's, etc. She would stress herself out so much. She would read every line of every chapter. She barely made it past semester 2 and had to take her last semester over. She was pretty good on the floor too! Try focusing on the notes given to you in class and correlate those notes with the readings in the chapters to pick up additional information. Rewriting or typing your notes is helpful too. I always found that the instructor gave the important information that you needed to know. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR FOR ADVICE. Good luck.
  11. LisaCRN05

    Is My Career Over?

    NO WAY! I worked with a wonderful nurse who has and insulin pump. You need to take care of yourself and follow doctors orders. There's no skipping snacks or lunch because you are "too busy." Let your manager know this information too. Good luck.
  12. LisaCRN05

    rhode island hospital

    Rhode Island Hospital is big but it also provides you with a lot of experience. They are a union hospital, unlike their other Lifespan affiliates. I worked there as a transcriptionist before nursing school and loved it. Yes, there are shuttles to take you to your car if you have a late shift. Their new ED is fabulous! Unlike one of their other affiliates, you have CNAs to help you with your shift. The affiliate that I worked at practiced the primary nursing model which means that you are pushing and IV med and someone with C-Diff is calling for the bedpan. I am not against total care of the patient but on a difficult patient floor, this can wreck you. I have a friend who works at RI Hospital and loves it. Good luck! Kent is a wonderful hospital too. Interview at both.
  13. LisaCRN05

    New Nursing Student

    Don't give up please! I didn't have any experience either and out of 8 students in my clinical, only two of us didn't have CNA experience. There are some positives to this. You are fresh and will be taught the right way to do it. You will not have to undo what you have already been taught which happens a lot. ASK QUESTIONS. Don't be afraid to go to your instructors for anything. You are paying for your education. I can remember sweating making a bed because the CNAs made perfect beds. To this day, my beds aren't as good but my clinical skills are. GOOD LUCK. Nursing one is hard. It's okay to feel lost. USE THOSE RESOURCES!
  14. LisaCRN05

    Some people should just QUIT!!!

    I am the same way! I root for the underdogs and will often help them. When I was in nursing school, there were two students like that. The instructors told them to consider another field. I felt bad and comforted them when they were crying but I had to agree. It's too dangerous. Sometimes I think personal lives get in the way which I felt was one reason for the examples I gave and some are just not cut out for it but have the compassion which is what we are supposed to be but cannot be taught. Compassion alone isn't enough.
  15. LisaCRN05

    Thank you's - memorable ones you've received?

    As a new nurse, of course I always tried my hardest but sometimes wondered if it was good enough. I had this patient that nobody believed his pain, just wrote it off as a grumpy old man, medication seeker. I had him for two days. After explaining to the resident and getting nowhere, I went to the attending who changed his medication which made all the difference. He wrote the nicest letter about me to my manager and even came by one day with a big hug, kiss and an offer to go to lunch in the cafeteria (yeah right, take lunch??). It made me feel really good as a new nurse.
  16. LisaCRN05

    So, why Oncology?

    I can tell you that I went into oncology (but have since left and regret it) because you are not just treating the patient, but the families as well. While some people hate dealing with families, I loved it. Also, because alot of chemo is done mostly outpatient in RI except for those you really need hospitalized, there are other cases on the floor that are more complex. I had a wonderful experience on the oncology unit and learned so much! You have to be someone that can deal with sadness and death.