Is 8 months experience good enough to get hired when they ask for a minimum of one year?

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Do hospitals ever hire people with experience under a year if their minimum states minimum one year?

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Depends on if that one year is "preferred" or "required." My employer prefers RNs with at least 1 year of experience, but I had no trouble getting a job as a new grad with them due to relevant past experiences prior to being an RN.

Sure. Just do well on the interviews and resume. Wow them with your personality, ethics, plans. What you might lack in months, you can compensate for by the things I've suggested. Best wishes.

I think it wouldn't hurt to apply. They could really like something else on your resume and be willing to give you a chance. Let a potential employer decide if you have enough experience.

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Likely not.

My first job in the ICU said "1 year nursing experience REQUIRED". applied, got the job despite having just graduated.

It completely depends on the job market. I had no problem at 8 months, but it was long ago.

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I had a hodgepodge of experience when I applied for my first job requiring 1 year.

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I would just apply and see what happens.

If you score an interview, crush it. Dress professionally, research the organization beforehand, have a personality, exhibit enthusiasm for the SPECIFIC POSITION in question.

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I've gotten jobs that required x amount of experience that I didn't have. It's worth a shot...the worst thing they can do is say No.

What's the downside to applying?

Either you get the job or you don't get the job.

If you don't apply, you definitely don't get the job.

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